Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finding Out

 (I've been keeping a journal about my pregnancy since I found out.  Thought I'd share..)

Written after I found out....

I got a positive pregnancy test on Monday, March 7.  The weekend before I took the test I just felt “off” the whole time. Saturday, I remember being in the car and feeling extremely hot. I even remember having Zach feel my head. He said I definitely felt warm, but other than just feeling “weird” I didn’t feel sick.  So we went and had lunch and I felt much better afterwards.  Sunday I was just exhausted! But what really got me scratching my head was when I was eating homemade pizza for dinner it tasted DISGUSTING. I couldn’t even finish one piece. It was making my stomach hurt.  Zach said it tasted fine so I went and got some cinnamon bread instead. It went down juuuust fine.  Now, anyone that knows me knows I LOVE pizza, so for it to taste strange… well that’s just not normal.

Monday I still felt strange. I was burning up and so exhausted.   After work it was as if some force took over me and my car went on auto-pilot straight to buy a pregnancy test.  I bought 3.  The whole time I told myself I was being stupid and just setting myself up for disappointment.  I even told myself I had to wait until the next day to test. Maybe even Wednesday.

I got home, let the dogs out and paced back and forth staring at the tests. I remember thinking to myself “ just take the test so you can see the negative and just move on with it.”.  So I did.  I took the test, set it on the counter and waited a few seconds. I saw the control line start to appear and didn’t see a thing in the test spot. So I said “told you so, dummie” and went to let the dogs in.  I cleaned them off and headed back to check again about 4 minutes later.  WHAT IS THAT I SEE!? Dear Lord, it’s a line. Two lines. Two of them. Right there, staring me in the face.  It was a faint second line, but it was absolutely there.  I stood there in shock for a good 10 minutes and then tried to continue about my evening. Hahaha!  Zach was at work and I couldn’t tell him that sort of thing via text or phone call so I just sat there.  I didn’t even tell the dogs.

The next day I took another test and the line was even darker.  So after trying to function like a normal human being all day at work (unsuccessfully) I ran out and bought one of those expensive digital tests and planned to take it the next morning.  I still hadn’t told Zach but thankfully he was on spring break so I asked if he wanted to come have lunch with me Wednesday. Luckily he wasn’t at all suspicious.  I took the digital that morning and “PREGNANT” popped up within a minute. I stared at it a lot, put it in a plastic baggie and stuck it in my purse.  Weird.   The day crawls by at a snails pace until Zach comes to pick me up at 11:30. I hop in the car and try not to act strange.  It didn’t work so well because when he tried to pull out of the drive I yelled “no! stop the car! Wait! Don’t go anywhere”.  He goes “um, ok….” and I fished the test out of my purse. He reacted immediately (probably didn’t even see what it said) and was super happy!  It was exciting. It was awesome.  We are going to have a baby!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The News

It's baby time!  

That's right, I'm pregnant! I'm about 15 weeks along now and we are just so, so excited!

The wee one is due November 8th :) 

Many more updates to come!

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