Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Dress for Kate

I'm not going to even pretend to tell you that I'm not TOTALLY EXCITED about the Royal Wedding tomorrow. I'm mildly obsessed. Seriously.  My alarm is already set to get up before the crack of dawn to watch the whole thing go down.

Obviously, I'm most excited about seeing The Dress.  Since I'm a lunatic, I went ahead and did some research and here are my suggestions (you know, because I'm an authority and all). I'm interested to see how close I come.  I'm a bit torn between ballgown and a-line/trumpet. Although I have a feeling she'll go with a sleeker design. I am definitely banking on lace though. I'm also betting she wears sleeves, but let me tell you, that's hard to find!

In no particular order.....


Kenneth Pool

Ramona Keveza


 Phillipa Lepley

Monique Lhuillier

Oscar De La Renta

Pnina Tornai

 Saison Blanche
(designer of my wedding gown, so obviously, the most awesome choice ;)
For the record, I HATE the Oscar dress, but I just have a sneaking suspicion something like that will end up being the one.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh, Hail!

In case you haven't heard... We got some hail last night. I'd never experienced hail quite like this before. I honestly thought our house was being bombed.  Zach said I went in to "full-on panic mode" Ha!  Luckily the damage to our house is minimal considering what I've seen around town.  Just looking across the street I can see missing shutters and windows. Down the road there are houses who's siding literally looks like swiss cheese!  It was insane.  So, our new house might be getting a new roof. I'm hoping there's also damage to our deck, because a new one of those would. be. awesome.

Behold! Nature.

 Note: This hail had been in the yard for about 15-20 minutes before we picked it up, so it was probably even BIGGER! 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Levi's 3rd Birthday

Saturday was the 3rd birthday party for Zach's God-son, Levi. He's the little firecracker belonging to our friends John and Sally.  Levi is one lucky kid, every single year the weather has been absolutely gorgeous for his party and yesterday was no exception!  I even managed to get a little color on my face! Finally! The Yo-Gabba-Gabba themed party was fun and the little kids had a good time. And man, were there a lot of little kids! Yowza!

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