Friday, January 2, 2015

Ryan is Three Months Old!

It's funny how three months ago seems so far away and like it was yesterday all at the same time. Ryan is 3 months old now and I feel like the past few weeks have flown by. He's a happy little feller and it's hard to even remember life without him.

Most of the third month was filled with lots of Christmas preparations and then Holiday festivities. I'm not going to lie, I kind of wish my last two weeks at home with him weren't holiday madness, but what can you do? We ran lots of Christmas shopping errands and he always did so well, just snoozing in his car seat (which he's thankfully a little more fond of these days). He took lots of naps so I made lots of cookies and when he was up, he just hung out while I wrapped presents, decorated the house or just relaxed. 

At three months old he is still growing like a weed. At his "two month" appointment (which was a week into month three really) he was 13 lbs 7 ounces (80%) and 24.25" long (86%). I'm sure he's gained quite a bit because prior to that appointment he was spitting up a ton and not eating a lot. Luckily that seems to have calmed back down and he currently drinks 5 ounce bottles 6 times a day. 
His stork bites on his forehead and eyelids are seriously my most favorite part of him. The doctors tell me they will fade in the next couple years, and for his sake I hope they do, but right now they make him Ryan and I just love them so much. He also has a couple on the back of his head and his neck but those have already faded a lot. His hair is falling out too. It's all a lot shorter now but he still has that big ol' poof on the top, which is ridiculously adorable. I also suspect the dark hair is here to stay (yay!). I think his eyes are going to be dark too but I can't tell what color yet. (ps: that's a 9 month onesie!)
He's started rolling over quite a lot. Not tummy to back, like most babies do first, but instead he goes back to stomach. The doctor says it's probably just a reflex, but he does it constantly and definitely acts like he's trying to do it on purpose since he's happy as a clam during tummy time (what?!).  So, because of that we had to ditch the swaddle. I think he was done with it anyway because he'd spend most the night grunting and wiggling around in it which caused lots of spit ups and sheet changes multiple times a day. So, after lots of 3am googling and internet forum reading, I finally decided to bite the bullet and order the $40 Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit. The first few sleeps were "ok". He woke up a lot more often but seemed to sleep a lot more soundly when in it.  He's been sleeping in it for about three weeks now and we really like it. He's also found his fingers and I've caught him on the video monitor sucking on them to self-sooth back to sleep. Go baby!

Speaking of sleeping.... We had a bit of a regression where he was waking up a couple times a night, but I think he was hungry. Once we started getting him to eat more during the day he went back to waking up once a night, usually after 7 hours of sleeping and then he'd go back down (easily!) for another 3-4 hours. I honestly didn't mind it and kind of looked forward to our mid-night snuggles. Now, for the past week he's been pulling 8.5-10 hour stretches. Sleeping from about 8pm until 5 or 6am. I can't complain! I know the dreaded 4 month sleep regression is on the way (although it never really hit David). We shall see. 
Naps are another story. He typically takes 3 naps a day. Two are short at around 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Then he usually has one long 2+ hour nap. I'm hoping that once he gets into the swing of things at daycare he'll get into a 2 nap schedule and they'll both be long. 
Luckily, he's a pretty happy little dude when he's awake. He loves to hang out on his play mat or a blanket and watch David play. He is FASCINATED by David! When we eat dinner he'll sit in his little baby chair and hangs out, but I think we'll bring out the high chair soon. I think he'd love to be able to see us and ours reclines for babies so that's nice.  He's just a laid back, chill little guy. Such the opposite of David, that is for sure.

HOWEVER..... when he is mad... he is MAD! You can see it coming too. It usually happens when he swallows some milk wrong. He goes into complete hysterics. Nothing will calm him down. It's like a switch flips! He' just screams and screams and screams. There's nothing we can do except try to stay as calm as possible and walk him around. There is to be absolutely NO sitting in the rocking chair. Nope. You'll think he's calmed down, but the second you sit in the chair...screaming. Luckily he's drinking bottles better but we still hold our breath every time it's time to feed him.
My maternity leave is over this coming week. He starts daycare on Monday and I go back to work on Wednesday. We are moving them both to a new place that I think will be a much better fit. I will be SO SAD to leave him, but I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine and getting dressed, driving to work, speaking to adults and not eating lunch on the floor every day. I wish I could stay home with him a little bit longer like I did with David, but I know it's time to get back. It will make the weekends even more sweet, right? 

Till next time! 

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