Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ryan is 7 Months Old!

Ryan is seven months old and I can hardly believe it. Where has the time gone?! I can’t even begin to tell you how much happiness this little guy brings us all. He is truly a joy. I've had this written for about two weeks now but am finally getting a chance to post it. Here goes...

He’s a lot better with the whole eating thing lately! I can tell he doesn’t love drinking his bottles, but he does it. He DOES love eating his baby food though. He seems to like veggies a little more than fruit, but hasn’t flat out refused anything yet. I’ve been making a lot more of his food this time. David always hated everything I tried to make, but Ryan doesn’t seem to mind. So far I’ve made squash, peas, greenbeans, broccoli, bananas and carrots. Next up are sweet potatoes and pears. It’s so easy to make! I’ve even given him a few bites of our food like noodles and potatoes and he likes that too. 

He seems to be over his terrible reflux. I'm still giving him his medicine, because the last time I tried to wean him it didn't go well at all. I have decreased the dosage and he's tolerating that, so I think pretty soon we'll be done with the yucky medicine all together. SO glad to be past the spit-up stage, that is for sure.

He’s a lot better with sleeping too!! Woo Woo! I finally broke down and let him “cry it out” for a couple nights. The first night was the worst. I finally gave up after a while and gave him his binky. The second night I gave up too. Then the third night he slept. He’s been doing pretty well since then!! He does still want a bottle pretty early in the morning around 5, but I can usually get him to go back down. Sometimes if he sleeps until almost 6 he’s up for the day. But whatever, I will take it! He’s down to two naps a day and is pretty good about taking good naps. Fingers crossed it keeps up. (spoiler alert---it doesn't)

He’s mastered sitting up. He loves it! Just give him some toys and he’s perfectly happy. We still keep the boppy behind him, but when he does tip over he usually just rolls around and hangs out on the floor. He’s trying SO HARD to crawl. He gets up on all fours and rocks and has even started going up on his feet, but can’t quite figure out that he has to move his arms to get anywhere. Only a matter of time.

He is such a cuddly baby. David never ever ever liked to be held (oh how that has changed!) he just wanted to be constantly entertained (that has not changed at all). Ryan is perfectly content sitting on our lap or  cuddling in the chair. He has even started giving big slobbery open-mouth kisses. And I think my most favorite thing he’s doing right now is grabbing my face with both hands when I pick him up and smooshing his face into mine. It is THE BEST.

He's always so happy. In fact if he cries we kind of freak out because he never does so we figure it must be something terribly wrong. Ha! He's just such a fun little guy. He smiles with his whole body and kicks his legs like there's no tomorrow when he's happy. I have a feeling he's going to be our easy-going happy guy. Fingers crossed!  I can't wait to see the fun things he does next! 

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