Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ted Turns Two

Our big guy is two today! He's all growed up and has turned into a very awesome dog.  He's, loving, he's funny, he's obedient, he's so, so cuddly and he's so smart it's scary.  He's also a wonderful poser for my camera!  I swear this dog has never once laid in the yard to chew a stick, but the second I get out the camera he goes to town.  Such a character!

His first two years have not been without their challenges, but he has really turned into quite the amazing dude.  We both love him to pieces and it never amazes us how 'human like' he is. We talk to him like another person and he just seems to understand.  Before we got a Dane, people told us that they are different than any other dog and I didn't believe them. I mean, he's a DOG.  But, it's true.  They are just different souls.  He's our concerned, caring, loyal, protective, comedian, spoiled rotten, big baby.  Happy Birthday, Teddery Dude!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hall Bath

Hey! I finished a project!!  After living here for 3 years, I have "finished" a room! The smallest room in the house, but hey, you have to start somewhere right?  This is our hall bathroom. I (my dad) painted it a long time ago but the color didn't turn out just quite like I thought it would (story of my house...we won't even mention the horror that is my living room, hallway, entry, stairs and landing) so finding the right decor has been tricky. I have cycled through a shameful amount (4) of shower curtains trying to find "the one" and nothing was working. One day while just wandering through Target, this spoke to me.  I loved it and went from there! The artwork is from Gordman's (I love that place). I would have liked to replace the light fixture, but you know, budgets and stuff....  So, TA DA!  Here it is!

*Ok fine, so maybe it's not totally done... I still have to replace my sailboat tissue holder I've had since my college days. I'll get there eventually...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Oh, hi, blog. Yeah, I'm not doing so well with the keeping up.  I've just had ZERO motivation to get out and take pictures. I really hope the change in weather lights a fire under me.  I have so much I want to capture!   Till then, here's a look inside the Nelson's Rozzelle Court.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Missy is Three!

My little Missy girl is 3 years old today! Oh how time does fly. I cannot believe it's been three years.  She's just my most favorite little dog. So stubborn, so smart (she just disguises it with stupid, but I swear she knows exactly what she's doing), so hilarious and so, so loving. She is at my side every second that I'm home and loyally follows me from room to room. She is just the best little companion.  She is my Missy Moo...

I got her this new Kong toy (Tugger Knot) and gave it to her while Ted was outside. She LOVED it!  Until Ted came in and stole it.  But, I have a feeling she'll get it back soon enough, she's a tough one when she wants to be! She also might be getting a new collar. I've "misplaced" hers and cannot find it for the life of me (how do you lose a dog collar?!) Oh well it was time for an upgrade anyway. A girls gotta look good!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oscars 2011 - My Best Dressed

I've never done a "best dressed" list before but, since I am obsessed with watching any and all awards shows (even if I don't watch many movies) I thought what the heck!  

So, here are my best dressed from the Academy Awards, 2011

 Anne Hathaway 
She was a terrible host, but at least she looked great doing it. I pretty much love anything she wears.

Giuliana Rancic
Ever since I started watching "Giuliana & Bill" I have really grown to like her. She's just too cute.  I couldn't find many pictures of her this year, but I really did like this dress. However, I'm always one for a good full ballgown. I also loved her hair the best of anyone. 

Hailee Steinfeld
She is too cute.  If I were 14 and going to the Oscars, I would totally wear this. So adorable.

 Mila Kunis
I think she's pretty much the most gorgeous person on the face of the Earth, for real.  This dress was so, so pretty! 

Natalie Portman
For being as pregnant as she was, this looked amazing on her.  I could have liked a different hairstyle better, but still, very pretty. I only dream of looking this good pregnant.

Reece Witherspoon
Barbie!  I think she looked very elegant and probably the classiest of anyone at the awards.

Camila Alves
I really have no idea who this lady is besides the person standing next to Mathew McConaughey(who is gross), but this is by far and away my most FAVORITE dress of the night. Stunning. I want it. Love.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hanging On

Just when I thought spring might actually make an early appearance for once, we got dumped on again.  The good news was that it only lasted a couple days, then yesterday we had a huge thunderstorm and it all washed away. I'd like to think that's the last of it, but I know better. This IS Missouri afterall.  Spring is my least favorite season. It's just a big tease!

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