Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Baby Two ~ 31 Weeks

How Far Along:  31 Weeks - Baby is the size of a pineapple.
Boy or Girl:  Was totally thinking boy but my Dr made some interesting "well would you want a girl????" comments today at my appointment....
Maternity Clothes:Some of my shirts are already getting too short. yay.
Sleep: I'm either up all night or sleep really well. You just never know.... Super vivid dreams too.
Best Moment: We had a really productive weekend and got a lot done around the house. I am on a steam cleaning the carpet rampage! Plus Zach finally installed my new shower head and it is quite luxurious!
Worst Moment: My car broke down on the way home from work last Thursday. I wasn't in the best part of town and was kind of freaking out. Luckily it wasn't too hot out and my brother was able to come get me pretty quick since Zach was still at work and traffic was a nightmare.
Miss Anything: I miss everything. 
Movement: Lots of kicks right around my belly button just like they've been for the past few weeks. They are getting really strong! 
Cravings: Cereal, lemonade, fizzy pop.
Aversions: Same ol things. 
Oh, I remember this: My carpal tunnel is really kicking into high gear this week. I had to bust out my wrist brace to wear at night because my wrist started locking up again. Although this didn't happen last time until after David was several weeks old. I literally cannot hold onto anything right now without dropping it. It is so annoying.
Well this is new: Nothing new here this week! 
Looking forward to: Tomorrow we are taking our hospital tour. Even though I delivered David there we still wanted to go back for a tour because they've remodeled some and you fill out all the paperwork so you don't have to do it when you get there in labor. Also, we are taking David and it will be really neat to bring him back to the place he was born. I also hope it helps him be a little more comfortable when he comes to visit the new baby. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Baby Two ~ 30 Weeks

How Far Along:  30 weeks - baby is the size of a cucumber but that makes no sense. He or she is probably around 3 pounds! 
Boy or Girl:  Back on the positive it's a boy train.
Maternity Clothes: Full panel pants are the only way to go right now unless it's my lounge shorts. All the under-belly stuff hurts because this baby is so low (and ALL out in front. David was more across) 
Sleep: It has been pretty bad this week until last night when I slept like a real, normal person! I only remember getting up one time! It was fantastic!
Best Moment: We had amazing weather last week and over the weekend resulting in lots of outside time. I even got myself a pretty nice tan! Too bad it's hotter than you know what now!
Worst Moment: My leg. It hurts so bad. I've had to take a tylenol every night for the past several nights. It's the only way I get any sleep. I feel guilty even though it's just one little regular strength tab.
Miss Anything: Being able to quickly stand up. It's such a ridiculous process right now. 
Movement: Still lots of movement. Doctor confirmed baby was head down at the last appointment and that the part that keeps sticking way out is a rump. This baby is so low though. Instead of kicks to the ribs, I get kicks (punches?) to my hip! It's such a strange feeling.
Cravings: Milk! I remember it was about this time with David that I started wanting milk all the time. It just tastes so good right now! My Diet Coke cravings are back too, but I only let myself have a couple a week, even though I daydream of one daily. I was secretly hoping the aversion would stick around but, oh well. Diet Coke for life!
Aversions: Still fast food. Still ground beef. I also haven't really been wanting candy much lately. A bag of gummy savers lasted over a month at work. That would have been gone in a day back in the first trimester!
Oh, I remember this:Damn you, stretch marks!
Well this is new: My eyesight is so  blurry right now! I remember it happened a little with David, but at work I wear my glasses all day and still find myself straining to see. Zach was playing a game on the Xbox one night and I literally could not read a single thing on the screen. He thought I was joking.  Yikes!
Looking forward to:Don't really have any big plans this weekend, so I'm looking forward to doing some cleaning and organizing. I think the nesting bug is about to bite! I'm also having the neighbor girls over for a Bachelorette finale watch party on Monday so that should be fun. One has a new baby and another is due a month after me. So, lots of baby talk to come!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Baby Two ~ 29 Weeks

How Far Along:  29 Weeks - Baby is as big as an acorn squash, whatever that is. I feel enormous. 
Boy or Girl: I think I'm the only person who says boy, everyone else says girl.
Maternity Clothes: broke down a bought a couple new tank tops for around the house and a pair of light weight pants that will hopefully get my through the rest of summer. I need something to hide the cankles that I just know are coming.
Sleep: Toss and turn, toss and turn. I'm up every hour on the hour, at least.
Best Moment: I had a pretty relaxing weekend. Zach's mom was in town and did a lot of entertaining David. Saturday night they all went to the hotel to swim in the pool and I got an entire evening to myself. I got a Sonic Blast and watched a lot of HGTV. I do not remember the last time I had the house to myself for an evening! It was nice.  
Worst Moment: Had a few this week unfortunately.  
      Last Thursday I started to not feel so well at work. I freaked myself out enough to go to the doctor to get checked out. Everything came back normal so I figured I was just being a baby and went about my business. Then I got a call Monday that the culture they sent out was positive for infection so apparently I wasn't just being whiney and there was a reason I felt miserable off and on all weekend. I think the antibiotics are finally kicking in though, thank goodness.
      Yesterday I found out that I don't get to keep my position at work when I get back from maternity leave. Just like when I was out with David I get to spend my maternity leave wondering what I will be doing when I get back. I'm not very happy about it, but oh well... "business reasons" and all... 
      Today I found out Zach will be out of town for 10 whole days a mere 3 weeks after I'm due. I can't even think about that one yet.... 
Miss Anything: Not being sore 24/7. I would also really like a margarita. 
Movement: A lot! Baby is head down and the doctor says that his/her head feels "kind of big" for this stage of the game. Oh, yay!
Cravings: Dessert. But  nothing really tastes good when I eat it. Lost a few pounds this week actually.
Aversions: Like I said, nothing really sounds good. Been eating more plain foods.
Oh, I remember this: My hands are getting super numb again. I drop EVERYTHING.
Well this is new: Last time by now my feet were swelling pretty badly. This time they are not puffing up too bad at all but my hands... OMG, my hands are crazy swollen, it's embarrassing. I can hardly fit in my "fake" ring that is like 2 sizes bigger than my wedding band. These man hands are not cool.
Looking forward to: Can I say late September?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Baby Two ~ 28 Weeks

How Far Along:  28 Weeks - Baby is the size of an eggplant!  
Boy or Girl: Oh, I don't know!
Maternity Clothes: Loving me some lounge shorts and tank tops. My shoes are starting to get tight :(
Sleep: Really can't complain this week! Shhh, don't jinx it.
Best Moment: Been a pretty good week actually. David and I had a good time at the lake for the 4th. Zach got the nursery painted (and I love the color!!). I scored a great deal on a couple baby things on sale at Target. Then tonight I had my first prenatal massage and it was pretty relaxing!
Worst Moment: Ted got a case of the crazies while Zach was painting and knocked over a (large) cup of paint and ruined the carpet. Not looking forward to the stress (and added expense) of finding an area rug. It would figure that it was the one room in the whole house that still had completely stain-free carpet... no longer. 
Miss Anything:Would love to be able to lie on my back or even just recline more than 90 degrees, just for a minute!
Movement: Got my first kicks to the ribs today. Lots of jabs and pokes right in the same area have left me with a bit of a sore spot, so that's interesting. Baby  moves All. Day. Long. and all night too. I'm wondering if he ever sleeps....? 
Cravings: Meh. Nothing really.
Aversions: Lots of things again. Nausea is starting to come back in the morning and lasts until after lunch. Nothing really sounds good. I did try to eat McDonalds and ground beef this week. Both were no-goes.
Oh, I remember this: I have a hard time focusing. On anything. I just feel really distracted all the time. I remember feeling this way with David too. I would love to just snap out of it. 
Well this is new: My hair and nails are not growing near as fast as they did with David. My skin is also a hot mess and I'm dealing with breakouts like I haven't had since high school. All the classic old wives tales for girls, so we'll see I guess..... 
Looking forward to: Getting all the furniture back in the baby's room and starting to go through all the tubs of clothes. In my mind I have a "ton" of gender neutral sleepers and onesies... we'll see if that's really true soon enough....

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Baby Two ~ 27 Weeks

How Far Along:  27 Weeks - Baby is the size of a rutabaga but I have no idea what that is.  
Boy or Girl: David is apparently telling daycare that he's going to have a sister. So, I guess that's his vote.
Maternity Clothes: My under-belly shorts are getting really uncomfortable.... already. Gonna be a long summer.
Sleep: Not my favorite thing right now. I end up sleeping sitting up for at least a couple hours every night because my hips hurt so bad and I'm really having quite a time with reflux. I guess I should just be thankful that I'm able to sleep sitting up because last time it was a total no-go.
Best Moment: Zach and I took the day off together today. We took David to daycare, lounged around for a while then went out to The Legends for some shopping and lunch, came home and took a nap then picked David up early to go get ice cream. It was a pretty nice day and probably my last vacation day before baby comes.
Worst Moment: I was horribly sore and uncomfortable on Tuesday. To the point where it really hurt to walk. Plus my nausea is starting to come back in the mornings. Boo!
Miss Anything: Being able to carry David. He's being extra clingy now and having a bit of an emotional week. All he wants me to do is hold him but it's so hard to lug him around right now but he just doesn't understand and it breaks my heart.
Movement: Lots of pokes and pushes right next to my belly button. I'm guessing it's a knee because I can see the outline as it moves across my belly. It is so crazy to see and really obvious. I'm always thinking people are staring in meetings because my whole stomach shakes! haha!
Cravings: No real must-haves this week. Had a few strawberry lemonades though.
Aversions: We went to Granite City for lunch today and it pained me not to order the Bedda Chedda Bacon Burger. I almost tried it, but I knew I just couldn't do the hamburger... Sigh.
Oh, I remember this: I go from feeling totally stuffed to crazy hungry in the matter of seconds it seems.
Well this is new: This baby is sitting a lot lower than David did and it feels a lot heavier! 
Looking forward to: The long weekend! I'm taking David to the lake for the day and Zach's staying home to paint the nursery. I am so excited to see it! We ordered a dresser today so by next week I will be able to start really putting things together and I can't wait!

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