Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Baby Two ~ 39 Weeks

How Far Along:  39 Weeks - Cannot imagine getting any bigger or more uncomfortable. 
Boy or Girl: Had two vivid boy dreams this week. Everyone else still insists it's a girl. I hope they aren't too upset when it comes out totally a boy. I'd personally be thrilled either way.
Maternity Clothes: Pants are the enemy.
Sleep: Nope. We are done with that. I'm up at least every half hour and am having a hard time falling back asleep. I'm also not feeling very tired, I just lie there wide awake.
Best Moment: I took David out to breakfast this morning and he was SO excited about it. He's been having some rough mornings so I thought I'd surprise him with a special trip before I took him to daycare before my doctor appointment.  We also all went to my cousins wedding this weekend and it was nice. I didn't think I'd be up for it (I really thought I'd be home with a newborn honestly...) but it was good to get dressed up one more time and go out for a bit. 
Worst Moment: Pretty much anytime I'm getting up and having to walk. I feel like my hips are being ripped apart, the right one especially. I'm OK once I get going, but the initial minute or so of walking is torture. I feel so ridiculous. 
Miss Anything: I miss everything but being able to walk without pain and having feeling back in my hands would be up there at 1 and 2.
Movement: Not a ton anymore but when baby does move it's really in there punching. I keep hoping for a really big water-breaking kick!
Cravings: Pizza. All the time. And lemonade. And diet coke.
Aversions: Ground beef and fried foods
Oh, I remember this: I feel like I constantly have to be "ready". I'm currently hauling around most of my life in my purse including cell phone charger, makeup, snacks, hair ties, notebook and everything else. I still force myself to shave my legs every single day and do my hair every morning. I try to keep the house mostly tidy and clean, laundry kept up with and dishes washed, when I really just want to say forget it. Major thanks to Zach for pulling most of the weight in the cleaning department right now.... I'm pretty worthless when it comes to that right now.
Well this is new: This pain. I do not remember being in this much pain at the end last time. Then again I've never been THIS pregnant before. Sigh.
Looking forward to: LABOR. Come on now, anytime. I had my last doctor appointment today. The next time I go in is to have a baby. An induction date has been set, but I'd really prefer to go on my own. Not much progress has been made since last week. 2.5 cm but still only 50% effaced. I was pretty disappointed, but the baby will come when the baby will come, right?
How's David: He seems to be getting a little impatient too. He asks where the baby is every time I pick him up from daycare. He's also started asking if he can give the baby hugs and has been wanting to play toys with the baby, so he'll hug my belly and then hold toys up to it and ask if he likes them. Ha! Oh and he's also started saying it's going to be a brother. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Baby Two ~ 38 Weeks

How Far Along:  38 Weeks - Baby is the size of a pumpkin, or you know....a baby.
Boy or Girl: All of a sudden this week I've had lots of girl thoughts and girl dreams. I've kind of been freaking out a bit about it and have totally started re-looking at names and everything. Picking a girl name has been really hard! It'll still probably end up being a boy though.
Maternity Clothes: I have exactly two pairs of work-appropriate pants that are still even remotely comfortable. Thank goodness for the maxi skirts I got!
Sleep: Eh, it's been a rough week in the sleep department. I seem to convince myself that my water is going to burst every time I roll over (which is every half hour now) and I have to get up to use the bathroom a ton more than I have been. Add to that the fact that I've been having to wear wrist braces on both hands. They are starting to really bother me and I end up taking them off halfway through the night leaving me with one completely numb hand and a locked up wrist on the other. Sigh.
Best Moment: Zach was home all weekend and we got a lot done around the house. It is mostly clean and organized now. I even managed to get my fall decor out! I've been making sure to keep it clean and organized too. Definitely nesting.  I also got to see the movie that our team at work has been working on. I didn't think I'd make it long enough to see it! It was pretty cute!
Worst Moment: I am so worn out and struggling a bit mentally. I completely though I'd have the baby by now. The date I'd been throwing around in my head was today and Zach and my moms dates have already passed too. My dr offered to induce me at 40 weeks but I declined. As much as I want to be done, I want to give baby a chance to come on their own. David was born at exactly 39 weeks, but at this point I'll be shocked if this baby come early.
Miss Anything: I cannot wait to workout again.
Movement: Mostly at night now and lots of big pushes.
Cravings: Sweets, lemonade, cheese.
Aversions: Still ground beef. Bleh.
Oh, I remember this: I'm lucky to have made it this far without my feet hurting, but now they do. Boo.
Well this is new: Since my water broke with David, I find myself always thinking that it's going to happen that way again, so I'm always thinking it's just going to happen with every move I make, I kind of miss the ignorance of first time labor!
Looking forward to: Going to the hospital to have a baby??? Also, having a beer or something.
How's David: He still asks every day if the baby is going to come out today. He seems to be excited about the baby riding in the car in the seat next to him. He's been a lot better about playing on his own and is really starting to show his imagination, which is awesome and hilarious. Next we are trying to work on decision making. Everything "yes, I want this" then "no!" then "but I really want it" then "NO I DON'T WANT THAT!" and then back to "but I want it!!!"  It's maddening! I have a feeling that the rumors that three is worse than two might be true in his case. At least he's ridiculously adorable, right?! :) 

Well that's a wrap on week 38... will I have a 39 week update? We shall see....

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Baby Two ~ 37 Weeks

 How Far Along:  37 Weeks - officially "early term"
Boy or Girl: Probably a boy.
Maternity Clothes: Down to just a few things that still fit :(
Sleep: Can't complain. I've been really lucky to still be sleeping so well. I do wake up all the time, but have been able to fall back asleep without much trouble. I am enjoying all the sleep I can right now, that's for sure.
Best Moment:  My work team threw me a little shower on Friday. It was very cute! I really enjoy working on this team a lot and am kind of sad that it's a possibility I won't be coming back to that team after the baby comes. They are pretty great and really spoiled baby TBA, that's for sure!!
Worst Moment: i am so sore. So, so, so sore. Baby has definitely dropped and it is so hard to walk as he/she seems to be pressing against my right hip, causing all sorts of pain. Sitting is also not very fun either. Basically, I'm massive and uncomfortable, no two ways around it. Also, my hands are very swollen and numb. My right hand is so numb that I can no longer feel if things are hot or cold. It's pretty obnoxious.
Miss Anything: Everything. Mostly my energy though. I just can't keep up and it's really frustrating.
Movement: Just little shifts here and there. Definitely running out of room.
Cravings: Lemonade. Pizza.
Aversions: Same ol.
Oh, I remember this:Have officially entered the "was that a contraction" phase of things. I over-analyze every little twitch right now.
Well this is new:  Having to keep up with a toddler at this stage is really, really hard. Zach's been gone on the weekends for football stuff so I've been solo David wrangling and as much as I love spending all my time with him, it's exhausting.
Looking forward to: Being done. Had an appointment today. No progress in the last two weeks besides baby seeming a little lower. Bummer.
How's David: He's two going on three. When he's good, he's a total sweetheart angel baby. When he's bad, he just pushes, pushes, pushes. I try to be patient with him but there's been a few times where I just wave the white flag, turn on cartoons and sit down. I will say that he always seems to be concerned with how I'm feeling. He asks all the time if I'm OK and if I feel good. He's very, very sweet to me.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Baby Two ~ 36 Weeks

How Far Along:  36 weeks - not sure I can get much larger....
Boy or Girl: Back to boy for me. I could totally know right this very instant if I wanted to. My Dr. gave me my medical records to take with me to the hospital (standard protocol) and I was starting to flip through them when I realized that the sex is totally in there because we had DNA lab work done early on for other reasons and the sex is one of the outputs. I remember the genetic counselor telling me not to look if we don't want to know. I quickly put them at the bottom of my hospital bag and I need to get it in my car so I am not tempted every time I walk by the thing!
Maternity Clothes: Ready to be done with them.
Sleep: Pretty good still, even though I wake up every hour pretty much. I get so excited when I wake up and it's been longer than an hour.
Best Moment: I feel mostly ready now. Everything that HAD to be done is done and now it's just a bunch of little things that I'm not too stressed out about. I also found out that I get a F-R-E-E brand new breast pump via my insurance, so that should be here any day. Woo! OH! And I was supposed to serve Jury Duty today but it got canceled. I've always secretly wanted jury duty, but not right now, so I was pretty pumped.
Worst Moment: I was still really sick all week. It was the worst over the weekend. I hadn't felt that bad in a really long time. Finally caved and got an Rx for a sinus infection and finally started feeling mostly like myself today, even though I still sound really stuffy.
Miss Anything: I miss so many things but right now I think I miss being able to hold David on my lap the most. I am really starting to get overly emotional about how little time we have left with him as the baby. All the feels....
Movement: Slowing down some because I'm sure it's getting tight in there, but now the big movements feel REALLY BIG and kind of stop me in my tracks.
Cravings: Flavored water. Ice cream. Pizza.  
Aversions: Same ol.
Oh, I remember this: Standing up from sitting is the worst right now. Once I get going I'm totally fine, but the initial stand up and first few steps are horrible. So much pressure!
Well this is new: Definitely been having a few contractions here and there. Mostly at night. Several times I've woken up from a dead sleep thinking "this is it!" because I'll have a couple that are actually painful. I always manage to fall back asleep so I know it's nothing, but whew! Not fun.
Looking forward to: Meeting this baby! Although I've kind of gone from "definitely going early" to "definitely gonna be late" all of a sudden this week. Just a feeling...
How's David: He asks every day if the baby is going to come out today. I think he's getting excited.  He insisted on wearing some footie tractor pajamas to bed earlier this week and had trouble falling asleep because they were too tight on his ginormo feet. Zach finally went in and put him in his normal pajamas and he said that "the tractor jammies are for the baby". He's also still telling the babysitter that he's going to have a sister. We shall see! 

puffy and sicker than a dog, but just happy to be hanging out with my big guy. soaking up these last moments with him as my only baby.

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