Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ryan is Five Months Old!

This past weekend, Mr. Ryan turned five months old. I can't hardly believe it. This past month really zoomed right by. Honestly not a whole lot has changed, but at the same time, everything is different.
I don't have a whole lot of words tonight. I found out I got laid off from Hallmark yesterday. I am pretty heartbroken and haven't had much time to form any real coherent thoughts about the whole thing yet. I am still working there until the end of May since I'm filling in for someone on maternity leave right now. So. There's that. I didn't really want to throw that out there on the blog, but it's part of his little life and part of his story, although I hope with all I have that it doesn't impact my boys at all and it's just a little blip on the radar. Onward, right?

Back to Ryan.
He is seriously the happiest baby on the block. He hardly ever fusses. And only gets cranky when he wants to be held or is getting tired. He's perfectly content to rotate from baby toy to baby toy and likes to sit up and look around like a big guy. He loves to sit on our laps and talk to his big brother.
His fingers are still his most favorite toy. He will bat at some toys on his exersaucer but still isn't really too interested in holding on to much for long. He occasionally sucks his thumb or his fist, but still likes his binky to fall asleep and when he wakes up in the middle of the night or a nap. He does seem to prefer soft toys and blankets to hard plastic toys like rattles and toy keys.
He hasn't slept through the night in over a month now. Womp whomp. He typically only wakes up once a night somewhere between 2 and 4. We give him a 4 ounce bottle and it's a total crapshoot on if he goes back to sleep easy or not. He much prefers to smile and talk in the middle of the night, which tells me he's about ready to be sleep trained. I'm giving him another week or so and might knock the bottle back to 2 ounces just to make sure he's not really hungry. David started sleeping through the night when he was 5 months so tick tock, little feller!
He's an early bird and likes to start his days at 5am. Usually he's ready for his first nap at exactly the same time David wakes up for the day. So, Zach and I rotate weekend mornings, which is nice so that at least we get to "sleep in" one day a week.
As has been the story for his entire life, feeding him remains our biggest struggle. He gets distracted very easily and if there is anything of interest going on he will straight up refuse to eat.  We've tried giving him cereal several times and he's not a fan. Tonight was probably the 6th time I've tried and he finally swallowed some oatmeal but he wasn't super happy about it. In a few weeks we'll try some real food, maybe he'll eat that? I'm not holding my breath though.
He still loves his Missy dog and she continues to get the biggest giggles. I think they are going to be total buds. Missy always loves being around him too. Ted doesn't even seem to notice him. He also loves baths, diaper changes, chilling out in his room, watching tv (you can't get him to look away when it's on no matter how hard we try!), his giraffe wubbanub and the doorway jumper.  He doesn't like riding in the car, sitting in his car seat, wiping his nose, laying on his back and he gets really upset when David cries.
He can roll over in all directions although he usually goes over his left shoulder. He can almost sit up on his own and he pushes up into a baby pushup all the time. I wouldn't be surprised if I say he's inchworming around by the next time I update. He sleeps on his stomach and loves to flip over during diaper changes. He's Mr. Go Go Go and I can tell he cannot wait to be able to run around with David.
So here's to 5 amazing months. I love this baby more than I ever could have imagined and I am so sad he's growing up so fast. I am going to miss the baby days, no matter how hard they can sometimes be. He is just so sweet.

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