Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ryan is 8 Months Old!

Oh Ryan, he's 8 months old! How can can that be?! He's the sweetest, cutest, most wonderful little dude! I want to freeze time right now because he's so awesome!

Month 8 was a pretty big one for him! He's doing all sorts of new things and it's exciting and scary how fast it's all happening!  
He has started eating some big boy food! He still loves his baby cereal and baby food but he's also taking little bites of whatever we are eating and has developed quite the love affair with yogurt melts! No choking or gagging, just gobbles them right up! He gets so excited to eat. We used to be able to eat while he played, but no longer! He's gotta get in on the action too.
Unfortunately, he still hates those bottles. He will drink enough to take the edge off and then he's done. I'm lucky to get him to drink more than 4 ounces at a time. Usually, it's more like 3. And he's a big guy! I am doing pretty good about not  FREAKING OUT about it, but man it would be nice if he'd just drink! I'm in the process of switching his formula because I don't think he needs the 'sensitive' formula anymore and the main ingredient in that stuff is corn syrup. Not cool. So far he's handling it well, so I hope to be back on the regular milk-based stuff soon. Maybe he'll like it more?

Sleep? Oh sleep. Hahahaha. I thought he was on the road to sleeping through the night but I was wrong. He had a couple weeks where he woke up at 3am to eat and the past week it's been more like 4am and then the last two nights it was 5am. Maybe he's working his way to 7?? I want him to sleep through the night but I also want him to eat and the only time he will down a full bottle without fighting me is in the middle of the night, so we do it. He's only little once, right?  He does take great naps and is overall very happy so we can't complain.
The most exciting thing his 8th month brought was CRAWLING! He is on the move, in a big way. I went to the lake over Memorial Day and Zach said he was crawling a little tiny bit but then in the next two days he really took off. He's all about it! He knows exactly where he wants to go and he will get there, by god! As I suspected, he's going to be the "get in to everything" baby. David never got in to anything, so we never really had to baby proof, save for the gate at the stairs. But this one? Oh man. He's going to give us a run for our money. Currently his most favorite things are the dog toys and cords. He can find a cord anywhere!!!

I'm pretty sure he has one word. I think it's Dada, but it could also be David or Dog. Or maybe he's saying them all? He babbles and jabbers all the time, so I think he'll be talking up a storm like his brother before we know it! 

Speaking of his brother, they love eachother! David is so excited to go get him when he wakes up and Ryan just smiles so big at him. They are starting to play together a little bit too. David is learning not to take his toys away from him and Ryan is learning to speak up when he's not happy! This is going to be a noisy house!

Other fun stuff:
Clothes - In size 12 months for the most part. Some things he can get away with in 9 months, and other things he could probably use 18 months
Diapers - In size 4 for night time and 3 during the day, but the next box I'll get him 4s
Weight - not sure! Definitely over 20 pounds. He goes to the doctor next month, I can't wait to see
Eyes- Blue-green right now. Definitely darker than Davids, but they don't look like they'll be turning brown
Bedtime - Usually 7:30pm
Favorite Food - all of it. The only thing he hasn't liked is avocado
Favorite Toys- Anything David has, his activity cube, Sophie the giraffe, rings, shape sorter, ring stacker and activity table
Cutest thing- When he wakes up or whenever you pick him up he will touch your face and put his forehead to yours. It is the sweetest thing ever.
Not so cutest thing- I'm pretty sure he wants to scratch my face off
Loves - Bathtime, dinner time, crawling
Hates - putting on his pajamas, putting on his sleep sack and getting his face wiped
Funniest: He has the best belly laugh. And he's SO ticklish! 
 So, here's to 8 months bubba! Can't wait to see what the next one brings! 

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