Friday, January 1, 2016

When the world doesn't end

Hi! Hello! Welcome 2016, I've been waiting for you.

2015 is a year I was very happy leave behind. That's putting it mildly.

I keep typing out all the bad stuff that happened but it's too depressing and whiney and complainy.  But basically I suffered with a bit of postpartum depression and anxiety, was laid off, my house flooded, my mom got cancer, my mom got even worse cancer, my brother came thisclose to death, Zachs dad got really sick, I didn't get any jobs, I got a job I hated, the 3 year old was especially three, the baby hated eating and sleeping and it felt like my entire life was tornado-ed up and spit me out into a whole other life I had no idea what to do with. It was kind of bad, you guys.

But some good stuff happened too:

-We thought we were going to lose our in-home babysitter when she decided to close, but instead she became our nanny and our boys are loved and thriving and learning so much.
-We got to completely remodel our home and it looks pretty great if I do say so myself.
-I had an entire summer to take care of myself and spend time with the boys. I got to go running nearly every morning and spend precious time with the boys whenever I wanted. I took them to do fun stuff and spent some good time at the lake.
-Zach got a new job. One that basically fell into his lap and he loves it and he feels important and useful and it's finally something he's always wanted to do. It couldn't have come at a better time and allowed me to relax a little as my job search was really wearing me thin.
-I got a job that while I didn't really enjoy, let me ease back into working and feel a little better about life and money and all that.
-Ryan eats and drinks and sleeps so much better. He's happy all the time and a lovey little joy. He's been the light through this all.
-David is coming out of the terrible three's (I think) and he blows us away on a daily basis with how much he knows and has learned. He's no longer as shy and wants to be friends with everyone he meets.
-My mom got news that her cancer is shrinking and she's been a complete and total rock-star through all her treatments. Never missing a beat through the holidays and everything.
-Zach's dad was just released from the hospital after being on life-support just weeks earlier and continues to gain strength daily.
-I got another new job, one I've been gunning for since June. The stars finally aligned and I'll be starting in less than two weeks. I will get to work in an amazing culture with amazing benefits, get to travel a bit, do fun stuff all the time and make a real impact on the community. I can also take my dog (or kid) to work if I want! I'm so excited to start this journey!

So there. 2015. It was a rough 11 months but it ended pretty spectacularly. Looking forward to you, 2016.


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