Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Almost 16 months Update

In just 2 short days our little baby David will be 16 months old. That sounds so old, doesn't it? I can't even tell you in words how awesome this little dude is becoming. He is the best thing ever.

It seems as though he gets smarter and funnier by the minute. His big thing right now is going around the room and pointing at things to ask what they are. He's always really excited when he can tell you what it is before you do. Some of his best words right now are:
-Ted (tee)
-Kitty (kee) ...tries so hard to say "Missy" but mostly comes out "Mm"
-Bottle (ba)
-Snow (schnoow)
- Blanket (bla)
- Cracker
-Yogurt (yo gur)
-Vacuum (vaa)
-So many others I can't think of

He's also really, really good at animal sounds! I feel like he knows a new one everyday. I would like to take this time to say, man alive I love daycare. I think it is the best thing for him. They are constantly teaching him things I wouldn't have even thought of! Sure, he comes home sick every other week, but dang it if he doesn't love that place. The teachers adore him and he has so much fun. Absolutely the right thing for our family.

(his main squeeze. no really, he loves her)

He has three most favorite things right now. Books, vacuums and snacks.

He doesn't play with many of his toys but the books? Constantly. It makes me so happy. He has several favorites that we read over and over again too. Any flap book, Goodnight Moon before bed and nap, 100 First Trucks, Dr Seuss Happy Birthday Baby (funny story- it was Zach's birthday yesterday so I started singing "Happy Birthday" and David went right over to his bookcase and grabbed that book. We may or may not sing Happy Birthday a lot around here), The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Pat the Bunny are pretty high up there on his list. He also really likes big people books and magazines.
 (good luck with that one kid. I couldn't even make it halfway through...too dang sad!)

Snacks are a given. All kids like snacks, right? Our kid loves snacks. He loves snacks so much he wants them every 10 minutes. Somebody please tell me this is normal.

Vacuums? I hear this is a popular love too. He is OBSESSED. He can spot one a mile away. I was putting him in the cart at Target once and he started wigging out because he could see the little broom vacuum peeking out from behind the trash can. Eagle eyes! His favorite daycare toy is the play vacuum. He goes for it first thing every morning.

We had a pretty big sickness the past week. He had a high, high fever that would just not quit. Five and a half days of 103, only going down with a dose of Motrin. I felt so terrible for him. He's never been so lackluster. He slept on me more that week than he did when he was an infant. Constant snuggles (won't lie, that part was pretty great) and hardly any eating. Luckily he still drank a lot (only from his bottle though. We've been off bottles for a few months now but suddenly he started asking for a ba when he was sick so I gave it to him. Now we are back to weaning him off his night bottle... again. Oh well, it kept him hydrated),  He's totally better now and spunky as ever.

It's the best. 16 months. I wish it would last forever.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

David Lately


14 Months Old.

Super fun!

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