Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Patching

This past weekend we made our second annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch! We originally had plans to go out to the KC Pumpkin Patch in Gardner, but we didn't have a whole lot of time so we just stuck closer to home and went to Shuck's in Pleasant Hill. Our neighbor said her kid had fun there, so why not? I do think I am either not quite understanding this whole pumpkin patch thing or if this is just the way it is, but much like last year, there was not an actual pumpkin patch to be found.  Good thing we already had our pumpkins picked out from good ol' Price Chopper!

Before we left Zach asked if we should stop and get some cash. I scoffed and said "who doesn't accept credit cards?!"  Yep... We really hyped up the pumpkin patch to David all day and all the way there. He was ready! So imagine his little heart just breaking to pieces as we loaded him back in the car after finding out we needed real money. Thankfully the drive all the wayhome and back didn't take too long...
David has been asking to "ride the choo-choo" ever since our last trip to the zoo. I promised him that he could ride the choo-choo at the pumpkin patch. I had no doubts that he would love the barrel train so I didn't even think twice about plopping him in the car and happily waiving as they sped off.
I stood with the camera at the ready for when they looped back around - ready to capture him having the time of his life....
Uh, yeah. I was really winning at mommy-hood that day. Turns out the ride was a little on the bumpy side and that really scared him. He recovered pretty fast after I got him out, but boy did he watch that barrel train ever so carefuly each time it drove past the rest of the day. Finally as we were leaving he asked to go on it again. Maybe next year buddy...
Next we moved on to the giant box of corn. I took his shoes off and set him down. Cue the crying! It took several minutes of standing and watching the other kids play before he would try to get in again. He did insist on leaving his shoes on though and it took a good 15 minutes before he would consider sitting down. But once he did.... He was in love. He could have stayed there all day.
The other big hit was the hayride! We went on one last weekend at Deanna Rose Farmstead with my friends and he loved it. So, I knew he'd at least enjoy this tractor ride! Good thing too because we are having a big neighborhood Halloween party and a hayride is part of the festivities. We can't wait! Lets hope the rain goes away by then.
So that was it! He really wanted to go on the zip-line with all the big kids and even made a break for it and started climbing the stairs to the tower! Again, maybe next year buddy....

Here's our best "David at the Pumpkin Patch" photo we could manage. It was time for dinner and someone was getting hangry!

And last years picture, just for kicks. Look at that little muffin!!

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