Sunday, June 14, 2009

Puppy Tails - Ted is 12 Weeks Old

Ted is definitely growing up - Fast.

He's 12 weeks old now and often times we notice he's bigger when we either get up in the morning or home from work. They say they grow when they sleep, so we know that when he's extra tired, we are in for it. At 12 weeks he's weighing in at 35 pounds and is as tall as Missy.

He's a pretty good dog, but is finally showing us that he is indeed a puppy. We are working on some mouthing issues when he gets really wound up as well as all the basic dog commands. He's pretty smart though and catches on very quickly.

Here are some recent pictures:

10.5 Weeks Old

A typical evening in the backyard...

Family Portrait. Poor Missy.... Taking a snooze in the office with me. 12 weeks.
He sure does love the AC!

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Amy said...

He has gotten SO BIG! What a peanut!

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