Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First Real Food!

Recently David has been waking up more frequently at night really hungry. Our pediatrician said this may be a cue that it is time to start real foods.  I ideally wanted to wait until he was six months old, but he's a bigger baby and if the kid wants some food, then by all means...

The first time went pretty well!! I was over at my parents house for dinner and Zach was working so I figured they wouldn't mind at all helping me out. I'm glad they did, as I had no idea how messy cereal was!!  I thinned it out quite a bit since it was his first time and it got all over the place! Plus, he was super excited so his flailing arms didn't help much either. But, boy we had fun!

Here's a video of the big event, complete with commentary about Easter breakfast plans.

He really seemed to like it and eat quite a bit the first time, but the last three nights haven't quite gone the same. He's not really interested and most of it comes right back out, but I know this is normal.  We'll keep trying, but if he's not ready, that's alright.  We might try oatmeal in a few days because I've heard some babies like that better.  I think we'll wait to start veggies and fruit for a couple more weeks.  He'll be six months in just  a few weeks anyway! He's getting so big!

Oh, and also, while he sure did zonk right out on the way home, he didn't sleep much different that night. Old wives tales, I tell ya.

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