Sunday, December 2, 2012

Over the river and through the woods grandmothers house we went!

We spent this Thanksgiving up in Sioux Falls, visiting Zach's family. I will admit that I was pretty nervous about making the nearly seven hour drive up there with a one year old. We were originally going to go Thanksgiving day, but after realizing that most of the places to stop along the way would be closed we moved it up a day and went Wednesday.  Much to our amazement, David did excellent in the car. Didn't even fuss the whole way there and only a tiny bit on the way back. Road trip success! What a great little car buddy!

Our visit was nice. The whole family was in town so we really enjoyed visiting with everyone. Zach's sister finally met David, I finally met her finance and David got to finally play with his cousins! Jude just started crawling so it was fun to see them interact. It's going to be so crazy once they get a little bigger and really get going all over the place.

David looooooooved Thanksgiving dinner. He can now expertly climb stairs, Zach and I went on a date night and  Grandma and Grandpa got in lots of extra David snuggles.  So, pretty much a successful trip. 

Here's a look at the weekend... all out of order because blogger hates me.

 You know those pictures that you see and think "that's totally what he's going to look like all grown up"...? Yeah, that is this picture.

I'd write more but I am sorely under the weather and just need to go to bed. Boo that. Although I am remembering the last time I had this cold (drippy nose, exhaustion, scratchy throat) I also had a "don't you dare even think of putting me down" extra fussy 6 week old. Oh my goodness. It was the worst. Off to bed!

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