Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas. 2012.

...and another Christmas comes and goes. I go back to work tomorrow after a 12 day break, but boy it doesn't feel like it was much of one.

I've been sick since Thanksgiving. Not kidding. It's been some combination of cold, flu, stomach flu, cold, and finally on Sunday I couldn't take it any longer and broke down and waited two and a half hours at the CVS Minute Clinic. So now I'm on a ridiculous dose of Mucinex and antibiotics. Today I could at least taste my food.

I had so many plans for this break and really, REALLY needed to stop and re-charge my batteries so I scheduled David for daycare 4 days. Of those four days, he went one. Karma. From now on, if I'm off work, David is off daycare. Every. Single. Time. I have taken a day off "for me" he has gotten sick. Every single one. Right now I'm holed up in the spare bedroom because Zach has the stomach flu. It also took an hour to get David down and he's still in there tossing and turning and coughing. So who knows. Maybe I'm not going back to work tomorrow after all?   I give up.

Anyway. Here are some cute Christmas pictures. Despite the frustrated ramble up above, we had a very lovely Christmas and David blew me away with how excited he got over the whole deal. He was on cloud nine with all the attention and presents!!  We had a ton of fun.

These are some pictures from his daycare Christmas program. They brought "the babies" out for the final two songs and while none of them cried, they sure weren't too impressed. I would share the video, but the expression below was what he did for the entire 10 minutes he was out there. He pretty much sat down and froze like this until everyone started clapping and he crawled over to his teacher and buried his head in her lap. Poor thing was so confused!
Checking out the tree was a favorite activity this year. He'd walk over, point to various ornaments and go "oooooooh". Sometimes he just couldn't take it and would grab a ball off, but not very often. He was very good with the decorations, which was a pleasant surprise.

Christmas Eve we spend with my mom's side of the family. Up until last year we always went to my Grandparents house but now the aunts and uncles are taking turns hosting. It was a little touch and go before we left the house as David was having a rather "moody" day but once we got there and he got started on all the food, he was a happy guy. Slept in till seven the next day even! A Christmas miracle!

Christmas morning we spent at home, just the three of us. It was low-key and a lot of fun. I made a french toast caserole and David had a great time checking out his Santa loot and opening presents. He is such a ham and really got into opening gifts. He's even got the whole "toss the boring clothes aside and move on to the next" thing down pat already!! I also got really spoiled by Zach who went over our small agreed-on limit and went on quite the shopping spree at Antrhopologie! Eeeee!! :)

 This picture kills me. The same expression! Priceless.

Next, we headed off to my my dads side of the family. Or to "the chaos" as I like to describe it. So many people. This was the first year we didn't eat there, but just stopped in to say hello and open presents. Apparently the overly-talkative, chaos-loving, uber-opinionated Italian genes everyone else in this family got somehow TOTALLY skipped me. I am a fish out of water over there.  David sure didn't mind and Zach also comes from a big Italian family so he feels riiiiight at home. While it is certainly always crazy, I do love the entertainment (and the family too)
 These are just the cousins. And several are missing. Also not pictured are the aunts, uncles and spouses. It gets a little crowded.
 Also? I got my hair cut. It's way too short :(

Next on the Christmas tour was my parents house for dinner. Traditionally we've done Christmas breakfast but since we have a little one now we wanted Christmas morning just for us. My mom made delicious stuffed shells, lasagna and a whole lot of cookies. We were told "Christmas will be small this year".  Yeah. That was a lie. Spoiled as usual. All of us.

 David got a "lawn mower" from my parents and I kid you not, he spent a solid TWO HOURS pushing that thing around the house. Total concentration on his face. The carpet NEEDED TO BE MOWED! It was hysterical.

And there you have it.  Christmas! Woo!

Now, lets all get some rest!

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