Saturday, September 14, 2013

There goes the summer...

We're starting to wind down the summer over here. Fall weather might not be here yet, but football has started, so that means the weekends tend to revolve around the Huskers and Chiefs.

We've had a pretty good time these past few months. Another trip to the lake, several trips to the zoo, get-togethers with friends, lots and lots of outside time on the cool days and mess after mess inside on the hot days.

I could write and write and write about all the fun things David is doing these days. Talking (sentences!), running, climbing, mischief making, eating, not eating, g-r-o-w-i-n-g.... the works!  Mostly I'm just a little short on words tonight so I'll leave you with a picture post! Enjoy!
 Playing with cars at the lake. He LOVES playing with cars!
 He's finally started holding hands. FINALLY.
 He is only in it for the hose time. He wants out of the pool as soon as it's full.
 Vacuuming. Always with the vacuuming. It's still his favorite activity.
After my camera...
 ....and got it.
 Thank you, Crayola for your non-toxic Color Wonder markers. No really, thank you.
 He always has VERY SERIOUS conversations when he gets ahold of the phone.
Missy. Because, I mean....
 Daddy + Hose = David in heaven.
 Shop Cart! Mommy's Shoes! Be-Be! Three more favorite things.
Walks around the neighborhood. Our newest and most favorite nightly tradition.

Stay tuned for lots of festive fall updates soon! :)

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