Monday, January 20, 2014

Picture Catch-Up!

Oh yeah... My blog.  Kind of went dark there for a while, no?  Oh well, better late than never with the updates, right?

Halloween!  David was Mickey Mouse. I made the costume myself and I'm pretty sure it will be my last homemade costume attempt. While it turned out just fine, I ended up stressing myself out way too much over it. And really, all I did was sew two buttons on a pair or red shorts and paint some knock-off crocs yellow. Yeah, real difficult. Our culdesac went all out this year. It's crawling with kids all around David's age, so our neighbor made a hayride! He had a big farm tractor and trailer and hooked it up with lights and everything. David was in heaven! He had so much fun on that thing. He even did some trick-or-treating, just like the big kids! It was so much fun. We are lucky to live in such a young neighborhood, it's about to get real crazy with all the kiddos!

David turned TWO in November! We kind of had a really tragic photo deletion incident so I don't have a single picture to share. Luckily the grandma's took several, I just need to remind myself to have them send me the files or hard copies. Note to self! We didn't have a big party or anything, just had the grandparents and aunts and uncles over. I made a Mickey cake and we had pizza. I'm keeping birthday's low key for as long as possible! He got a lot of fun presents and had a great time though!

He's been such a fun two year old too. His vocabulary has completely exploded and we can now carry-on real conversations! He's still pretty advanced in the talking department (though I don't know how advanced) so people are always amazed that he's only just turned two. It doesn't help that he's also in the 98th percentile for height. He's an old soul, just like his mama.

Christmas came next!  Oh man, did he get into Christmas this year, or what?!  He pretty much "got" that Santa was some guy who comes to the house with presents. In fact he still says "Santa come to my house TOMORROW!" nearly every day. Ha! We took him to see Santa at Independence Center a few weeks before Christmas. He seemed pretty excited about it. He was fascinated by the mall (especially the escalators!) and kept saying he would sit on Santa's lap. Our turn came and I sat him down. We were able to get a couple good pictures in before the screaming started. I picked him up immediately and we went on our way, but if you ask he'll tell you pretty proudly that he sat on Santas lap!  Christmas morning was really fun. He was so excited about all his presents. Santa brought him a wood table and chair set, a weed-eater, a shovel, slippers, a lot of pretend food and plenty of other little goodies. He now insists that "Santa bought" nearly every toy in the house. Ha!

Oh yeah! We got a new nephew! Sam came along in mid-October!

first bowl of "basta" at great-papa's!

So that about brings us up to date! Mostly just wanted to share some pictures.  I hope to get back in the blogging swing here soon!

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