Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Five Years of Ted

Today, that Teddery Dude turns 5 years old.

He's getting "up there" in terms of Great Dane years, but I still think he's got quite the life left to live. He's still spunky as can be and frequently gets a wicked case of the "zoomies" whenever I get home from work. Although his favorite activity is definitely lounging on the bed.  If we aren't watching he will take it upon himself to un-make our bed just so he can get on the sheets instead of the boring ol' comforter.

He is sure to check on David first thing every morning. "Ted's sniffing me!" and David is sure to give Ted a hug before bed each night "I give Ted a hug!"  Those two. 

I typically call Ted "Theodore Winston" (his proper name) and at one point David tried to say it and instead called him "Doo-Doo Weeson" and it stuck.

So, Happy Birthday, Doo-Doo Weeson! 

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