Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Meet Missy!

So here she is! Our new little furbaby!

Her name is Missy!

She is very loving and sweet, but she has some allergies. We noticed that she was scratching a bit the day after we got her but figured it was just a dog thing. The next day she was scratching even more and that night she barely slept (and neither did I). When morning came I noticed she couldn't go 20 seconds without stopping to furiously itch something. So we called the vet on call (it was Sunday). He told us to give her some Benadryl and we should be good to go. Well then her eyes looked a little puffy, then her nose looked swollen and finally her ears puffed up!

So I got all freaked out and hysterical and called the vet back. We took her in for her first (and hopefully last) emergency visit. We went through everything that she ate and the vet seems to think it's a food allergy. I really believe that it's the two hundred million weeds in our grass-less back yard. But anyway, she got a cortisone shot, some prednisone pills and we were told to give her benadryl a few times a day. Poor puppy!

The swelling went down by the end of the night, but the Benadryl completely knocks her out. I hate giving it to her, but if this is the only way to make her better, then so be it. I just hope it works. She still scratches every so often, so only time will tell.

In the mean time, she's busy becoming friends with George. He hated her at first, but he's coming around. He puts up with a lot, so he's being a great big brother!
Training has proven to be difficult. Especially house training. Especially w/ prednisone pills that make her drink like a camel and pee like a race horse. She also likes to bark a lot, jump and is extremely stubborn when it comes to "Come here Missy!". She won't do it.

But just look at her. She's so cute. We just love her to bits.

Get better soon Missy! We want to start playing!

See ya around!

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