Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's Puppy Time!

Everyone knows I've wanted a puppy/dog forever. Now that we have a house and a big fenced in yard, the time has come!

Last week I was bored at work and decided to check out the Wayside Waifs site. I found a litter of 6 adorable Lab puppies and sent a picture of one to Zach. Usually he just says "yeah that's nice" and tells me to "forget about it". But this time he was interested! We decided to go see them Thursday night. There were only two there when we got there and thankfully the lady who fostered the mom and the puppies was there! We started talking to her and found out that the two puppies that were still there had been adopted. You see, they are all a part of a movie that's being filmed in Kansas City called Matchmaker Mary. Starring Dee Wallace Stone (the mom from ET!) and Jeff Fehey (some guy from Lost). So most of them were adopted by the crew and actors (including Dee Wallace!). But she told us that there was one more, Misty, who was still filming and would be done Saturday. So we put our name on the "wait list" and hoped for the best. Since the actors and crew got first dibs we thought we wouldn't get her. But they called us Saturday evening and told her that nobody claimed her, so we get her!! She had her surgery today and we can pick her up Thursday!! I'm so excited!!

I found this blog about the movie and a picture taken Friday. Since Misty was the last one to film, I assume this is her... If not it's one of her litter mates.

Tonight Zach and I are going to PetCo (where the pets go) to get all of her supplies! Crate, Bowls, leash, collar, Kong, toys, balls!!! She's going to have it all (don't tell Zach)!

We still aren't sure of the name. We've toyed around with Missy (Misty is a stripper name in our opinion). But I think we'll have to meet her to decide. We'll keep you updated.

We'll also post some more pictures that don't have complete strangers in them!

See ya later!


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Charlotte said...

Awww! Such a cute puppy!! Congrats on getting one with such a cool back story too. You'd make me pet hungry except I already have 3 toddlers and that's enough poo for anyone to clean up;)

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I hope to see you around often!

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