Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Well, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas 2010! We spent ours in Sioux Falls with Zach's mom's side of the family.  Before we left we had a little family Christmas with  my Mom, Dad, Brothers and significant others. We opened a few presents, had some delicious lasagna, cheesecake and of course lots of cookies!

Thursday we left super early in the morning to avoid all the snow that was predicted (and didn't happen until the next day...). This was the first time we've ever left our dogs in the care of someone that wasn't a family member. We had a fantastic pet sitting company come check on them at various times throughout the day. The dogs didn't seem to mind at all. It made me feel SO much better knowing my babies were at home and not sitting in some cold concrete cage surrounded by chaos at a kennel. Plus it was way, way, way less expensive. Wins all around!

Thursday night in South Dakota we hung out with his family, ate more Italian (yay for two Italian families!) and hung out with the new 3 month old baby nephew. Zach's step-sister and husband had the flu (foreshadowing....) so we were on baby duty for the next few days.  Luckily he was super cute.  Even Zach got brave and held him.  Blog, meet Elias.

Christmas Eve and Christmas day were a blur of family gatherings, lots of food, more baby passing, Church and snow. Lots of snow!  What blows my mind about Sioux Falls is that their snow removal efficiencies are out of this word!  It snowed a good 4 inches Thursday night and when we got up on Friday it was all completely plowed and drivable! Couldn't believe it!

We left to come home on Sunday and when we woke up we found out that nearly everyone had the stomach flu. We hightailed it out of there so fast trying to avoid the plague, but it was inevitable. I made it home but boy I wasn't feeling well.  I spent all of Monday in bed. Zach had it the other day. Fun times.  At least we are back to normal now and feeling good.  I have the whole week off and didn't want to waste it being sick.  

Today we headed out to Best Buy to cash in all our very generous gift cards for our new D-SLR! I am BEYOND excited to learn how to use this thing and start taking pictures.  It's charging right now, but here's the first one Zach snapped of Ted. Unbelievable! So many more to come...

So, there you have it. Another Christmas comes and goes.... Merry Belated Christmas to you!

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