Monday, December 20, 2010

Crazy Pajama Lady

Just tonight my mom was telling me that I'm "very behind on the blog".  I told her it was because I had nothing interesting to talk about.  Well, I should be careful what I say because shortly thereafter, this happened: 

Ted got himself a major case of the zoomies and needed desparatey to go run wild in the backyard. I thought I'd go out and toss the ball for him once and then go back inside.  I closed the door behind me, threw the ball, watched him run a bit and then turned to open the door. You guessed it! Locked.  I do not know how the door magically locked behind me (you have to turn the thing-a-ma-doo on the knob to get it to lock).  Panic!!!!  There I was in my 3 sizes too big 10 year old cloud pajama pants, 1999 Northwest Football Championship tshirt and blue "Hospital Hill Run" socks. That's it! No coat, no shoes, no sanity, no nothing!

After trying the door countless times, I admitted defeat. (I think I may have even knocked a few times, you know, in case Missy felt like helping me out). So I walked (in my socks!) through the backyard, praying I don't step in any poo, over to where the gate is.  Of course we've had major settling issues in our backyard and the gate was stuck, so I had to pry and pry and pry (hello, splinters!) the thing open until it was wide enough to squeeze through, while at the same time keeping Ted from following me. Fun times, everyone! Note to self, fix gate.

So then to the front of the house. Of course it's locked. Of course the garage doors are locked. Of course I didn't get a keypad put on! So there I am, pacing around the front of my house in the cold (in socks! and pajamas!) trying to decide which neighbor I would go to first.  The girl next to us was my first choice. She's super cool, about our age and hey! We are even facebook friends!! She'd totally think it was funny. Not home.  AAH!

My other options were the couple across the street, but I know they have a new baby and I didn't want to possibly wake him up, so I passed.  Then there was 'Zoro'.  We don't know his real name but he comes and goes totally randomly, so we nicknamed him that.  He happened to come home as I was starting to walk down the street. I figured he'd stop, right? Nope, in the garage, door closed. Ok then. I guess if I saw some crazy lady walking down the street in pajamas and no shoes in the middle of December, I'd get the heck inside too. Then there was Mike. Oh trusty Mike.  I don't think I've posted this before but I've kinda done this before. Except it was summer and I was out running. Slightly different than December and pajamas. Anyway he's like the dad of the neighborhood.  He helped build all the houses and knows everything about everyone in the whole subdivision. He's really nice and luckily he was home. He opened the door and as soon as I told him what happened (again) he got a good laugh out of the whole thing and let me use his phone to call my dad to come with the extra key. While I waited we caught up on all the neighborhood gossip. Who's moving out, who's moving in, who's had a baby, who's pregnant, you know neighborly stuff. 

My dad showed up a few minutes later, let me in, let Ted in, laughed a little then went on his way.  Oh what a night!

So there. That's what's been going on.  I'm crazy pajama lady.

We'll be having that keypad installed ASAP.

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