Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pregnancy - Weeks 23 & 24

Week 23 started out with a follow up ultrasound to our big anatomy scan at 19 weeks.  Baby was doing great! The first time they couldn't get good head measurements because baby was head down and not budging. This time baby was head up and perfectly cooperative. It was a really quick ultrasound and a little hard to see, but all that we cared about was that baby is healthy and growing right on track.

Movement continues to become more frequent and strong.  I did have a couple days during week 23 where I wasn't feeling anything. I had what could only be considered a total breakdown which ended in a concerned Zach leaving work early.  Of course while he's driving home the baby starts kicking up a storm. Neither one of us complained though! Since then things have been a little more consistent. It's really fun, I've even seen my stomach moving around a few times. Totally weird!

We have been in the middle of a horrible heat wave. The past two weeks have been absolutely brutal.  100+ almost every single day.  I've done nothing but stay inside.  I try to go shopping but get so hot and worn out just walking from the car to the store!  I've also had to give up riding the bus (again) because of the heat.  My stop where I wait is in the direct sunlight and I've been riding for long enough to know that there's a decent chance of the bus being late, not having AC or the AC not working right when it's this hot. It just hasn't been worth the risk to me. I'm a wuss.  Maybe in August I'll try again? Who knows.  I'm so sick of driving though!

Lately my only other problems have been with sleeping.  I just cannot get situated. I don't even know how many times I wake up throughout the night anymore. Not because I need to use the restroom, but because I'm just not comfortable. I've always been a stomach sleeper and have NEVER been a side sleeper so I'm not adjusting well. Even with the five (FIVE!) pillows I have stacked around me I can't get comfy. Tis life I suppose.

As you can see my rear end appears to be growing at approximately the same rate as my belly so I've been trying to ease back into working out when I have time.  It's pretty pathetic, but I do what I can. Walk on the treadmill, a Tracy Anderson arm workout, maybe some squats. It's still not enough as I should be doing, but my "bad leg" is killing me most nights and even though my energy level is alright, I'm still pretty exhausted by the end of the day. Maybe I should try some morning workouts?

Several people have asked to see pictures of the nursery progress....Well, here you go!
Pretty awesome huh?!   Haha! Yeah, I have a lot of work to do. We need to move the furniture in the first picture elsewhere, paint and then assemble the crib and bookshelf. After that's done I can really get going. The mess on the floor is the Alphabet Wall Project That Will Likely End Me, but I'm having fun trying to get it done.  Oh and I guess we should figure out another place to put the vacuum... and maybe the Vogue picture too... The dresser is for the baby though. I Loooooove it!  The crib matches, of course. We don't have matching bedroom furniture for ourselves, but our baby sure will! Nothing but the best :)

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