Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pregnancy - Week 25

Things are about to start getting real busy around here and my memory is not quite the best these days (ah, pregnancy brain - it's real) so in order for me to try to capture everything I want to remember it's time for weekly updates! Hooray!

Week 25 brought with it a lot of growing.  I felt like I was suddenly huge! It looks like the pictures prove it too.  Hard to believe I'm only going to get bigger!  Wowzers! I don't mind though really, it's just another reminder that everything is going as it should and baby is healthy and growing.
Fun aside: I bought this shirt probably 5 years ago.  It was $2 at NY&Co during a sale. I didn't try it on and had no idea what a tent it was. I never once wore it until I was pregnant. I almost threw it out numerous times but never did because I thought it would be a great maternity shirt! See, hanging on to random articles of clothes pays off, Zach! ;)

The big news for week 25 was that my sweet tooth returned!!  Oh boy have I been loving it!!  I'm still being careful to not over-do it, but I am so excited that the thought of cookies no longer makes me want to hide my head.  Chocolate seems to be the favorite right now. Chocolate ice cream to be specific. And the pecan sticky buns at work. Whoo baby, those are a once a week treat though, they are so terrible for me!  The new no-go? Mexican.  You win some, you lose some. 

Friday night Zach and I went and rounded out our registries.  This baby is one lucky duck and is having several showers. I got my first invitation this week and we are just so excited!!  I can't wait to have all these little baby things around.  I've really been holding back on buying anything so I'm so excited to actually get some baby goodies and it feels really awesome that so many other people are just as excited about our wee one as we are.

Saturday during the day I worked more on the alphabet wall and we just relaxed before heading out to the Sporting KC game.  Luckily Saturday wasn't too hot and I felt fine during the game. No swelling or anything!  I was a bit achy when we got back, but a nice foot rub and tall glass of water fixed that right up.  We also had BBQ before at Arthur Bryants. If there's one food that's been a consistent winner this whole pregnancy, it's BBQ.  This kid will be Kansas City through and through :) 

Sunday I spent shopping with girlfriends for Erica's wedding shoes!  It's always nice to take a baby break and focus on wedding stuff! We actually have a lot of weddings coming up in the next year!  Unfortunately Erica's is 3 days before my due date, but hopefully baby will hold out so I can go!

And just for the record, it is still hot. Really, really hot.  I know this is annoying but I did it for posterity sake.  This was the temperature as I drove home from work today.  I'm going to come back and look at it this winter when I'm complaining about the cold, don't you worry!

So that's week 25!  It's hard to believe I'm getting ready to close out the second trimester.  We have a lot of stuff coming up in the next few weeks, a trip to Sioux Falls, baby showers, child birth class, hospital tour, daycare visits and lots of nursery prep!  I have a feeling this is when it starts getting really fun :)

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