Thursday, November 17, 2011

David is Two Weeks Old

6 Days Old

David is now two weeks old!

I feel like the days are flying by and he's already changed so much and seems so much bigger!

The first week was hard, just like everyone said it would be.  We spent a lot of time running around to different doctor appointments. Some for David, some for me.  I developed a rather severe case of post-pardum PUPPP's (horrible, itchy rash...horrible. just awful really.) and was absolutely miserable. I ended up at the dermatologist twice in one day and left with stitches and a chunk cut of my leg for a biopsy.  Then poor David had to go the hospital twice to have some labs re-drawn all in addition to our normal doctor appointments. What a whirl-wind! Luckily we both seem to be doing just fine now but those few days were difficult. I was a ball of emotions, but we made it through!

8 Days Old

Luckily David is a really, really good baby.  He hardly fusses unless he's tired, hungry or getting his diaper changed. He sleeps like champ and we frequently have to wake him up just to eat. He is so sweet and has an absolutely adorable half-grin that he pulls out every so often that melts our hearts.  We spend most the day just holding him and watching him sleep. We love every second.

13 Days Old

Zach has been amazing. Just amazing.  He took two weeks off work to stay home and has done so much for us.  He loves David and will do whatever we need.  He even gets up in the middle of the night to help feed and soothe him. He's a pro! I couldn't have done it without him.

 The dogs have reacted just as we suspected. Missy wants to be his best bud, but is being good about it and Ted just keeps his distance, spending most the day snoozing in our bedroom.

First bath at home

He's also had several visitors throughout the past couple weeks.  Lots of family, friends and Zach's mom even came and stayed for a week to help out.  He's one lucky little dude. So loved!

2 Weeks Old

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Elisa said...

Oh NO!! I had post partum PUPPS too. AWFUL. Grandpas pine tar soap saved me.

David is so adorable, congratulations!!!


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