Saturday, November 26, 2011


We had a successful first Thanksgiving as a new family of 3!

David and I got up early and made a delicious french toast casserole for breakfast. He is such a happy baby in the morning (he gets that from me, Zach is the night owl of the family). He gets a fresh diaper, bottle, a chat and some cuddles and then is content to hang out in his seat while I feed the dogs, eat breakfast or do whatever else it is that I need to get done in the morning. It's my favorite time of day!

Then we went to our first family gathering at my Grandma's.  I think he's going through his 3 week growth spurt because he slept through the entire thing only waking up to eat and then back to sleep he went.  At least he was a good baby! It was really great because my cousin was also in town with her little girl so my Grandparents got to spend some time with their two Great-Grandkids! Really cool!

So, overall it was a great day! Needless to say we have a lot to be thankful this year.... and for many years to come!

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