Tuesday, March 20, 2012

and just like that...

maternity leave is over.

The people, they were not lying when they said to enjoy every moment because time flies.  They were so right.

Tomorrow Zach and I are taking David to daycare for the first time. We both thought it would be a good idea to start him a few days before I go back to work. Just because I think I need a little transition time myself. We went last week to finalize all our paperwork and check out the infant room one last time (which would make the third time.. heh.) and met one of the teachers and one other little baby. Neither Zach nor myself ever went to daycare so this is completely foreign territory, but we both also agree that it's for the best. He needs to socialize and I really think he's going to learn a lot there.

I go back to work on Monday, so I'm going to have three days to myself before then. I have something planned for each day to keep myself busy. One day I'll bake cookies for my cousins wedding and deep clean the house (with the music up LOUD!) then another day I'm going to go shopping. I saved all my gift cards from Christmas just for this day.  Let's hope I can find some good stuff. Then Friday I'm getting my hair done and I'm thinking maybe it's time for a change. We'll see how brave I am. Zach will be home that day too so we are going to go out for a long lunch and then maybe pick up the kiddo early.

I'm only going to work three days a week for the first two weeks to ease back into things (and so I can get in just a liiiiitle more David time). I still don't exactly know what I'll be doing when I get back, but I suppose I will worry about that when I get there. I've heard I have an office though, so that's a good start. I'm going to miss the daylights out of David, mostly because I'm fairly sure he's entered the "ridiculously cute" stage and is doing all sorts of fun new things. He's so sweet and so amazing. However, I'm also really looking forward to some grown up time and getting dressed up and doing my hair and makeup every day. Also, I love my dogs beyond words but I'm kind of ready to not have them IN MY FACE every second of the day. Seriously. 

David will be a little over five months when I go back to work full time. I'm grateful beyond words for the opportunity to have stayed home with him this long and bond with him like I have. I very much look forward to what life as a "working mom" will be like but man alive, it's going to be hard to leave that face every day.  It's hard not to think that he's going to forget me, especially when he'll only be awake for an hour or so after I get him home each night. I just hope he doesn't think I've abandoned him and knows how much I still love him so, so much.

I don't wanna.

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