Wednesday, May 2, 2012

David is Six Months Old!

 Hi. Welcome to the longest monthly update ever.

I now understand why so many people have “two under two”. Up until this point, I couldn’t even fathom why someone would go through all that pregnancy and newborn nonsense again so soon. But now David is 6 months old and whoa baby, this is a fun age! It makes me want to have a million little 6 month olds!
 This kid is hilarious right now. He might be one of the happiest little babies around. He’s still a morning guy (just like mom!) and wakes up (around 6am, sometimes later, often times earlier) happily chatting to himself in his crib. The second you go in his room he’s all smiles and kicks. Morning usually consists of some bouncing around in his Johnny Jump Up (LOVES IT) while I wrangle the dogs and then a nice bottle followed by some floor time or exersaucer time while I get ready. Zach gets up before I leave and they hang out (and nap) until he goes to daycare. We are lucky that he gets to go in a little later so he gets to spend his mornings at home. He’s doing GREAT at daycare. They love him there. Every time I pick him up they tell me how happy he is and how he’s always laughing and smiling. Sure, they could tell this to all the moms, but sometimes I like to peek in before I walk in the door and often times I see the teachers playing with him and just giggling away. It’s good to know he’s being loved on so much there. He’s finally sleeping at daycare too! So, overall, things are good!
 At night we come home, sometimes go on a walk outside if it’s nice and then we have dinner! He’s loving dinner time so far. Once he started eating oatmeal, he couldn’t get enough of it! We’ve started veggies now too so it’s about to get super fun! I’ve bought some veggies that I plan to cook up this week and freeze, so we’ll see how that goes. I think he might also be ready for breakfast too. You should see how he eyeballs my food in the morning! After dinner we do some more floor time. We are working on sitting on his own right now. He does not like to do it. He wants to stand, stand, stand! He does pretty well in the center of the boppy and gets better every day, so I know he’ll be a pro before we know it. I really hope it’s soon though because he’s getting super-duper heavy in his infant car seat and I’m about ready to make the switch to the big boy car seat, but he has to be able to sit in a shopping cart before we can do that! He’s a little rolling pin though. Just this week he’s started rolling multiple times in a row. I haven’t quite figured out if he’s doing it just because or if he’s really trying to get somewhere. Either way, I think it’s time to start thinking about baby proofing.
Night time has greatly improved. We start our bedtime routine of book (when he’s not fussy), bath, bottle, bed around 7pm each night. Like clockwork he gets super fussy around seven, so that’s when we start! He loves bath time. We’ve never used our baby bathtub and instead just lay him on a sponge in a few inches of water directly in the tub. He will kick and splash and scream and laugh the whole time. I get soaked, but it’s still fun. He hates putting on his pajamas though. We could change his outfit and diaper a thousand times during the day and he loves it, but at nighttime he fights us. I hope he grows out of that. Then it’s into the sleep sack and time for his bottle. He usually falls asleep while drinking and rocking and I know “all the books” say I shouldn’t be rocking him to sleep anymore, but you know what, I LOVE IT, so I will rock that baby to sleep every night for as long as he’ll let me. It’s the only time he’ll let me hold him laying on my lap. Then it’s into the crib. Lately he’s been waking up about an hour after he goes down. Sometimes he’ll fall back to sleep on his own but other times he needs to be flipped back on to his tummy and given his binky. Again, I know we aren’t supposed to do that anymore, but I figure, like most things, he’ll grow out of it on his own. 
The biggest news?! We are officially SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! It’s been almost three weeks now so I am pretty confident we are good. Sure he might start waking up again during a growth spurt or bad teething episodes, but just knowing that he CAN sleep through the night is like a miracle to me. I can’t even tell you what it’s like to finally be able to get in my bed and stay there all night long! I will never take that for granted again!! He is a crazy sleeper though. Wow. That kid is all over the crib. I have no idea how he’s getting into the positions he does, but it is insane. Every time I check the video monitor he’s facing a totally different direction and at the complete opposite end of the crib from where he was last. Why he doesn’t move around like that when he’s awake is beyond me…
 Other news:
-We have two teeth (bottom two)!
-Pretty sure those baby blue eyes are here to stay
-He loves the dogs and the cat. Ted and George especially. He will smile and screech every time he sees them. Poor Missy loves him to death, but I think until she stops licking so much she won’t be the favorite
-Favorite toys: Sophie the Giraffe, Teething beads, Links, Bebo Ball, exersaucer, jumper
-Wearing 9 month clothes. About ready to move to 12 month sleepers! He’s long.
-Still likes watching cars out the back door
-Takes about 2.5 naps a day. A long one in the morning, another around noon and the late afternoon nap is hit or miss
-Celebrated his first Easter
-Got Baptized
-Survived his first doozy of a cold (I survived two terrible colds and Strep. Yay.)
-Still doesn't have a favorite blanket or "lovey". I'm wondering if he ever will.

Here's my most favorite video of the month. Zach had just woken him up from his nap to go to daycare. It's really dark and hard to see, but this pretty much just sums up how happy he is. Also, his hair is awesome and I love it.

Now, can anyone please tell me how to slow time?

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