Thursday, May 17, 2012

David's 6 (and a half) month stats

We finally had our six month doctor appointment today.

We've got a tall one on our hands!
Height: 29" (98%)
Weight: 18lbs 10oz (62%)..... (I don't know why, but I was convinced he'd be 20lbs!)
Head: 45.1cm (79%)

He's doing great developmentally. She's happy with how he's rolling everywhere, sits well, wants to stand and is "definitely social".  We are on the right track with his food and he's pretty much doing fantastic!

The only bad thing is that he's got an ear infection. We had no idea! I guess some babies don't really show any symptoms, so I guess it's good we were there! I know it's silly but I'm so nervous for him to take "real medicine". Probably because I'm allergic to penicillin (which is what he's getting) but I'm sure it will be fine. I just feel awful I didn't catch it sooner.

Also? Shots are no fun....

Stay tuned for a sneak peek at his six month photo shoot!!

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