Monday, June 4, 2012

David is Seven Months Old!

Well. That was the fastest month ever.

My little muffin man is 7 months old! He’s more fun than ever too.  He is such a happy little boy! Always smiling, laughing, babbling and loving life.  We are so lucky!

He is so good at sitting now.  I took him to Sheena’s wedding shower at the beginning of the month and there was another little baby there so I sat him next to her. I had my hands behind him, but he never needed them. He just sat and played for a good 15 minutes all on his own!  Since then, he’s been a sitting pro! He’s even able to turn from side to side and reach forward to grab toys.  Right now, he’s working on trying to crawl. He rolls all over the place, but has recently been spending a little more time on his tummy pushing up on those arms and then getting his knees under him. Just not at the same time.  He also does what we call “swimming” where he’ll raise up on his belly and flail his arms and legs around. So funny!  I have a feeling crawling may be happening soon, but we aren’t rushing it. We’ve already dropped the crib down though, just in case!
He’s eating all sorts of fruits and veggies. So far we’ve had sweet potatoes, green beans, pears, apples, squash, banana, and peaches. He pretty much loves everything. He’s still on puree’s but I tried to give him a little piece of mushed real banana and he HATED it. So funny. He loves the packaged stuff though.  I think he didn’t like the texture. We’ll keep at it though. Next he’s going to try real avocado.  
He’s really growing too. We took him back in to the doctor on Friday to make sure his ears were ok since he was being a real crank-monster (turned out to be his top teeth getting ready to come in. Fun!) and he weighed 19lbs 10oz! No wonder none of his pajamas fit anymore! Time to go shopping!  Most of his clothes are 12 month now. Crazy!!
He is really into his shape-sorter blocks. His favorite thing to do is take the lid off (on his own!), dig his hands around inside, then dump everything out and I put it all back in. Repeat a million times.  He’s getting really good with his hands too. He watches me bang two blocks together and then he grabs them and repeats what I did! He can sort-of wave bye-bye. Mostly he just tentatively raises his hands and kind of opens and closes his fingers. It is adorable.  Zach taught him over the weekend to “give a five” and he’s just started clapping his hands on his own, but only when he wants to. He does love to play patty-cake with me though. Every time I clap my hands he puts his on the outside and just smiles so big! I love playing with him so much! 
Other fun things:
-He loves going on walks. He’ll sit there and bounce one of his legs the whole time and loves to look around and see everything that’s going on.
-Is obsessed with his crinkly book.
-Loves tags. However they must be original manufacturer tags. He has no interest in the “taggie” toys or any of those “fake” tags!
-Likes “reading” his board books. He can open and close them and seems to really be interested in all the pictures. It’s kind of the only way I can get him to sit nicely on my nap for any length of time. Otherwise he’s a mover and a shaker!
-Sleeps through the night (7:30pm-6am). He will sometimes whine a bit during the first couple hours, but we hardly ever have to go in to sooth him anymore. Sometimes we do, but that’s generally only when he doesn’t feel well.  Yay sleep!
-Still taking 2-3 naps a day. Length varies greatly.
-LOVES daycare and all his daycare “girlfriends”. Apparently he’s hot stuff in those parts.  We are in trouble!
-We’ve ordered his big boy car seat and I think we’ll start using it this month.
-Reaches up when he wants out of his exersaucer or car seat.
-Says “ma-ma” and “ba-ba” but I really don’t count them as words because he has no idea what it means. It’s still fun hearing “mama mama mama” all the time though!!

Here he is playing with his crinkle book. He takes his playing seriously folks!

This month is all about Vince and Sheena’s wedding so it’s going to be busy!  I actually went to the lake this weekend for the bachelorette party so Zach stayed home with David. It was the first time I've left him and although I missed the little bugger, Zach really enjoyed having "guy time" which was really awesome to hear.  

You never know what I’ll have to share next month! We might be crawling, pulling up, cruising, saying words! Who knows!  It’s all just so exciting right now!

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