Tuesday, July 3, 2012

David is Eight Months Old!

 You know all those people that say “enjoy it, it goes so fast”?  They are correct.

8 Months!  I remember when 8 months seemed so old. Now, here we are, chugging right along. His first birthday will be here in a blink!  I’ve recently started getting a little weepy about how fast things are going. He doesn’t like to be cradled and hardly ever falls asleep in my arms anymore. He wants his crib and he wants his freedom.  I’m so glad I spent nearly my entire 5 months of maternity leave holding that little muffin in the recliner during all his naps. I thought I was spoiling him, but he’s turned out just fine and I will forever cherish those moments (and thousand cell phone pictures of him sleeping).  Babies certainly don’t keep. 

So, what’s going on? Honestly, not a whole lot of new stuff since his 7 month update.  He’s sitting really well now. Although he has figured out that we keep a pillow behind him so when he’s done sitting, he’ll just fall backward. He thinks this is very funny, but I am not quite sure how to get him out of this. Maybe use a folded blanket instead so it’s still soft enough, but maybe not as fun?  Sometimes he falls to the side, but I almost think it’s intentional because it’s a slow fall and he just rolls over and continues playing.  

Crawling is still a no-go. He has figured out he can roll anywhere he wants to go and is generally OK with this means of transportation. We are trying to do more floor time and it’s hard watching him get frustrated, but I know that’s the only way he’ll learn. Just last night he got up on his hands and knees and rocked for the first time. Daycare says he’s trying to pull up on some toys and Zach said he pulled up on our TV cove thing last week. So yes, baby-proofing in full effect.

 He’s still eating puree’s and cereal for breakfast and dinner along with his formula. I tried some puffs but he just gaged and then threw up everything I’d just fed him. So, we’ll wait a little longer on that.  I think next I’ll make him some food with more texture and see how that goes. He hates the mesh feeder and scrunches his face when I try to put it in his mouth.  He’s working on getting the sippy cup down, but mostly just wants to chew on the spout.  At a family gathering a couple weeks ago I caved to the peer pressure to let him try a couple tiny bites of homemade ice cream. He really, really hated it. But green beans? He’d eat them all day.  Weirdo.

The poor little thing has had a whopper of an ear infection.  I suspect the one he got a couple weeks ago never healed but last Monday he was just absolutely miserable. Cried and cried and cried and cried. He hasn’t acted like that since he was 6 weeks old.  So, Zach took him in and here we are on yet another round of antibiotics (we've done a LOT of laundry lately....)  It’s not fun, but that little kid is a trooper.  He might be totally miserable but he’ll still bust out the smiles for the doctor and anybody else that wants to make him giggle.  Also, his top teeth are making their way through. The first one has just cut through and the next one is on it’s way. It’s pretty hard on him, but he’s doing alright.  He’s going to look so different with top teeth!

We’ve officially ditched the infant car seat, the baby swing and two huge tubs full of clothes. He’s so, so tall and at his doctor appointment last week he weighed 20 lbs 10 oz. Both Zach and I were really tall kids, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, but in the end we both ended up being rather average. So, whatever. 

I’ve been meaning to capture this because I think it’s really strange:  We have never, ever let David sleep in bed with us. Not once. Since the day he was born.  However, for the past 8 months, I wake up nearly every single night freaking out that he’s in bed with us and I’m either A) squashing him or B) trying to catch him because I think he’s falling off the bed. EVERY! NIGHT!  It’s driving me absolutely insane.  I’ve even woken Zach up several times “looking for the baby” by digging around in the sheets. It’s so bizarre. I just hope it stops soon, but it’s been so long already. Who knows how I’m going to react when he gets to be old enough to actually get in the bed on his own!

I mean, that's weird, right?


We just love having this little guy around SO much!

Until next month....

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