Sunday, November 11, 2012

David's First Birthday PARTY

Oh hi. Would you like to see some birthday party pictures?  Ok. Here's like a thousand of them! 

I really didn't think David would have a lot of fun at his birthday party. I mean, they say first birthdays are really for the parents and while that's true, I tried to plan something I thought David would like too. Turns out he totally loved it. He had a blast opening gifts, eating lunch and then of course smashing into his cake. He never got overwhelmed or fussy the whole party. Even afterward he took a good nap and then was ready to try out all his new toys the second he woke up. It was such a great day.  I think we all loved it.

Cake smash video!

The cake is from Pat-A-Cake Bakery in Lee's Summit. I of course, found the design on Pinterest and Lisa totally nailed it. Not to mention, the cake was ahhh-mazing. So good! We will definitely be back.

Thanks to everyone for making his day so extra-special!

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his little lady said...

How perfect! And that cake is incredible! Sounds and looks like a successful first birthday :)
xo TJ

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