Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Giggles

I had a bit of a woeful day. No particular reason. Just a little down in the dumps. Time change? Post birthday party blahs? Work stress? I don't know. Just in a funk.

Then I remembered I had a video on my phone from this past Sunday. David was in SUCH a good mood that night and after a little game of "this little piggy" we had a good ole-fashioned tickle-fest. His laugh might be the best sound I've ever heard and ever will hear.

See?  Mood restored!
Also please enjoy my sweats, 10+ year old sorority t shirt and makeup free "I was up all night with a sick great dane" face. Oh, and also? My lovely postpartum hair regrowth. You're welcome.

In other news:
David had his 1 year doctor appointment yesterday. He got five shots! Five! I felt so bad for him and my heart broke as I held his hands and he did the whole red-faced silent cry while the nurse quickly (thankfully) gave him five sicks. Somehow, after all that, he was happy as a clam after we got him dressed. He's a superhero, that one. 

Weight 23 lbs, 10 oz (62%)
Height: 32 inches (96%)
Head: 47.7 cm (84%)
so, pretty much consistent to where he's been for most of his first year.  Next up, we start ditching the bottle. I don't know why, but the thought of no more bottles just breaks my heart. So fast. It just all happened so fast.

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