Tuesday, May 21, 2013

one and a half

David at a year and a half in snippits:

-Has the most ticklish feet.
-Is getting really good at eating with a spoon.
-Fell at daycare and chipped the corner off his front tooth.
-Doesn't like having crumbs on his tray.
-Needs to be rocked completely to sleep again.
-Favorite foods are mac & cheese, crackers, bananas, French toast, pasta, grilled cheese and "coo coo's" (cookies).
 -Least favorite food is any kind of meat
 -Will sometimes eat peas and green beans. Almost always eats his fruit.
 -Has started trying to climb things.
 -Loves to color, especially when I let him sit on the stool at the counter like a big guy.
 -Loves saying "hi" and "bye". To everyone.
 -Would spend every waking second outside if we’d let him. 
-The broom and vacuum have been replaced by mowers and tractors (riding lawn mowers) as his most favorite things ever.
-Makes the BEST “surprised” face when I tell him something exciting
-Can tell the difference between my stuff and Zach's stuff and will point it out constantly.
-In 2T shirts (some 3T!), 18 month pants, has outgrown all his sleepers (again) and wears a size 7 shoe.
-Likes to eat Cherrios or Kix while snuggling in the recliner with me every morning.
-Loves going to the park.
-Has an apparent fear of crowds.
-Might have the sweetest sounding "no" there ever was.
-Goes to bed at 7:45pm. Wakes up at 6:15am. 
-Has his fake laugh down pat. The fake cry too. 
-Is crazy fun to be around.

Weight: 27lbs 3oz (67%)
Height: 35" (98%)

And the most exciting news this month?!  Zach GRADUATED!! We are so proud! (and very excited to have more Dada time in the evenings!)
You can read Zach's blog here

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