Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ninteen Months

Hey! Here's what's been up!
Memorial Day weekend we took our first trip to the lake as a family. We didn't go last year because I was terrified of throwing off Davids very fragile sleep schedule (nervous new mom alert!). And also because I didn't want to haul All The Stuff.  Little did I know that toddlers require nearly the same amount of Stuff. We only spent one night and the entire Escape was packed to the gills. Zach nearly lost it when he saw all the bags.  Heh.  ANYWAY. We had a good time and David really liked the lake. He got a little car sick on the way down, but there are a lot of hills and his seat is still rear-faced so I'm not too surprised. I'm just happy that he didn't actually "get sick"...
The most exciting part was checking out my dads new boat! He had to sell his original boat when I was born because it was during a horrible heat wave and they needed to put AC in our house. (I was such a jerk!) But anyway, 32 years later he has his boat and boy howdy, him and my brothers are on cloud nine about it. We thought David would be afraid of it for sure, but instead he curled up on my lap and fell asleep. Every time. Alright then! He also loved hanging out on the deck and taking trips down to the dock. He did not however, like sleeping in his pack n play and ended up in our bed for the first time in his life that night. It was certainly adorable but we are definitely not making a habit of that. I hardly slept a wink! We aren't sure when our next trip down will be, but I hope it's soon!
This past Sunday we took our first trip to the zoo for the year. I have very mixed feelings about the zoo, but we knew he'd like seeing the animals, so we got the Friends of the Zoo pass and plan to go several times this summer. He was pretty excited about the monkey's and thought the polar bear was alright (I think it's the saddest thing I've ever seen....) but really, he got most excited about the playground. Figures!!  He did seem to like the train ride though. Definitely did NOT like the carrousel. He kept saying "out. out. out" haha! We'll try again a little later I think.
He continues to talk up a storm, adding new words every day. He plays with his cars, trucks and "tractors" a lot more now and likes to line them all up on the coffee table. He adores Missy and the cat (almost a little too much). He always has to know where our toes and shoes are. At all times. He likes hanging out with Zach in the garage and finally worked up enough nerve to go on his first tractor ride this week. Now he's hooked. His hair also seems to get more blonde by the second. It is the craziest thing to me. He's just darn adorable right now. While the tantrums are starting to kick into gear, he's mostly the sweetest thing and I love the little person he's becoming more and more each day.
The next couple weeks are going to be big ones. Tomorrow we are going to Lee's Summit Downtown Days for my birthday (corn dog and funnel cake for dinner? Yes, I think so!) then we head out on our first road trip that isn't to grandma's house. Hotel stays and all. Then the biggest change of all comes after that when we switch his daycare. He's going from a center to an in-home. I am very anxious about the transition for him, but I know it's for the best so let's all cross our fingers he does well.

OH! And David is mostly excited that we can finally share that he's going to be a big cousin x2 this fall! My brother Vince and his wife Sheena are expecting their first and Zach's brother Josh and his wife Amanda are expecting their second! Hooray!

Till next time!!

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