Monday, December 1, 2014

Ryan is 2 Months Old!

Well here we are, two months in with baby Ryan. I'm happy to report that at two months old he is happy, smiley, content and just a plain ol' joy to be around.

The month sure didn't start out that way though. From about week three until just last week he would just fuss and fuss and fuss in the evenings. During the day he was a happy little mellow guy, but once the clock hit 5pm he lost it and screamed bloody murder every night until 10pm when he'd finally give up and fall asleep. Zach and I honestly thought we were going to lose our minds. Nothing soothed him. It was frustrating to say the least. I thought for sure we had a case of colic and was bracing myself for a rough couple months when one day it stopped. Just.... stopped. Alrighty then!! He's been happy and content ever since. Let's hope I didn't just jinx it!

 Until three days ago he still slept in our room in the Rock n Play. He slept really, really well in that thing. At 7 weeks he slept through the night for the first time (almost 9 hours) and did that for several nights including one 10 hour night! Prior to that he was only getting up once a night after a good 6 hour stretch. Then I decided it was time to get him in the crib before he got much older. He was starting to seem uncomfortable getting to big for it. The transition has been tough but easier than I thought it would be. We are back down to only one wake up a night but we'll see how it goes. He also figured out how to bust out of the Miracle Blanket (I honestly don't know how he does it. David never got out of it and he was a little houdini too!) so we are trying out different swaddles until something works. He can't have his hands out or he will wake himself up. But, overall I definitely cannot complain about his sleeping! It's a dream! I never even imagined such a good sleeping baby! David didn't sleep through the night till he was six months old and even then it wasn't consistent!  Ryan takes good naps too. Usually two long ones in the morning and afternoon then catnaps in-between. He's going to bed around 8-9 right now but will hopefully transition to 7 soon.

He's not a super cuddly baby. If he's awake he prefers to hang out on the floor and kick around. He love sitting up and has amazing head control. I think we will be able to bust out the Bumbo seat soon. If he's upset he wants to be walked around. He does NOT like to be rocked while you sit down. He hates it! I don't even know how he knows we are even sitting half the time! If he falls asleep on you he won't stay asleep very long. Same with the swing. He likes it for about 40 minutes tops then he's ready to move on.  We spend most of the day rotating throughout the house to look at different things. 

Eating still poses some challenges. His Zantac has really helped his reflux and he doesn't scream after eating anymore, but he's still a very picky eater. If he gets startled or has a big burp while he's eating he will freak out and refuse to eat any more. We still hold our breath every time we go to feed him because we just don't know how it's going to go. I finally got him to take the Dr. Brown bottles which has helped with gas, so that's good but I just wish he wasn't a messy eater. We soak through at least 4 bibs a day with all his milk dribbles! 

David still loves him to bits but is struggling some with the lack of attention. He's been acting out a lot more but luckily doesn't take it out on Ryan. Whenever they are both on the floor David likes to show him how his trucks work or put pillows under his head. David has been sick the past week so he hasn't been able to hold him and it makes him so sad. I can't wait until Ryan starts responding to him more, he's going to love it!

 Ryan is definitely a big dude. He's fitting in clothes that David wore when he was 5 months old (and David was a big baby too!). He has lots of neck and arm rolls and some thigh rolls are starting to develop. His doctor appointment isn't until next week but I cannot wait to see how much he weighs! He still has most of his hair and it is so poofy on top. I can't tell if it's straight or curly because it stays however it's dried, but it is so, so soft! I think it might stay dark too, but who knows. His eyes are still dark blue.  He is strong, strong, strong! He's been rolling over from tummy to back for a long time (with purpose it seems) and tries so hard to go from back to stomach. He even succeeded once! I think it's only a matter of time before he's doing it consistently.

I'm really looking forward to month 3. It's the Holidays and my last month of maternity leave. I'm so happy he's finally out of the newborn fussy stage and is starting to be a cool little mellow dude. Here's to the next month! 

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