Friday, August 14, 2015

Ryan is 10 Months Old!

Ten months old! How does this happen?! Time is certainly zipping right along.

If I had to use one word to describe Ryan it would be CURIOUS. He is into everything! He is constantly moving around and exploring. He is quick on the draw too and can grab anything in a split second if he wants it bad enough. I spend most of my time following him around and making sure he doesn't eat every piece of fuzz or crumb he finds (how do they find every single little crumb!?) He crawls at the speed of light, pulls up to his feet no problem and has started cruising along furniture.
We are currently going through a bit of a home renovation. The hall bathroom flooded big time and we are replacing all the flooring in the house except for the bedrooms. So currently the hallway is down to the sub-floor which means Ryan can't crawl on it, so we are pretty much restricted to the living room and dining room. We are all going a little bit crazy and Ryan wants nothing more than to explore the hallway and go from room to room. Hopefully we get the new floors soon and he can have free reign again.

One of his favorite things to do is play in David's room. David loves it too. They both like the train table and Ryan quickly dismantles anything that David puts together. He loves to mimic whatever David does too. When David is playing with cars or tractors Ryan grabs one and pushes it around making the same motor sounds. It is flipping adorable!

His next most favorite thing to do is eat. Holy macaroni, this kid is an eater. He devours anything we give him. He wants whatever we have too. He will grab and squack at us until we give him bites of what we are eating. His favorites are pancakes, bananas, carrots, greenbeans, banana bread, cookies (duh) cheese and yogurt. He doesn't really have anything he doesn't like....except bottles. I've given up. He drinks what he drinks and we don't worry about it. Whatever, man.

I'd really rather not talk about sleep. It's totally hit or miss. I'd say most of the time he sleeps until 5am and wakes up to eat and then goes back down for a couple more hours. Once in a blue moon he will wake up more than that and then sometimes he sleeps all the way until 6:30. He still takes two naps, but I think he's about ready to go to one nap, which will be really nice as far as getting out of the house and doing things goes. David still takes his afternoon nap so it will be great to have them both on the same schedule.

And some other fun stats:
-Wears 12-18 month clothes. I can still stuff him in some 9 month stuff but I've mostly put it away. He's in 18 month sleepers and onesies for sure.
-Wears a size 5 shoe, which is pretty much impossible to find. Target, why don't you have more baby/toddler shoes! Seriously!!! He's also worn out one pair so far. David has yet to wear out a pair of shoes in his three and a half years of life, but Ryan destroys one in less than two months?! Once he's in a 5.5 he'll be in David's hand me down Stride Rite shoes, hopefully those fit better.
-Says "Dada" and "Mama" but mostly just Dada. I think he says "Ba" for bottle and "me" for Missy, but you just never really know.
-Shakes his head "no" when he doesn't want to do something, like put on his pajamas and sleep sack, yet he cannot sleep without the sleep sack. I'd like to ditch it, but he depends on that thing.
-Does have little lovey blankets that he adores. They are little muslin blankets with satin trim and he rubs them on his face to fall alseep.
-I still don't have a job. Hahahaha. Sigh.
-Waves! Well not really "waves" so much as puts his hand up in the air toward you every time someone walks in the room. It's hilarious. 

So, there it is. We are in the home stretch of his first year. I've started getting his birthday party all planned out and I just got his shirt for the big day in the mail yesterday. It's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen. On to month 11!

He wasn't feeling the monthly photo shoot this month. Poor bubba!

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