Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ryan is 11 Months Old!

Just one more month until our little baby Ryan is 1 year old! Unbelievable!

Month 11 has flown by at lightning speed. Mostly because we've been dealing with what seems like a thousand house issues and repairs. Painting, new floors, new AC, new furniture, new decor! It's going to be a brand new house before we are done with this. Ryan's just been along for the ride, happy as can be.

He's a mobile little guy. He crawls so, so fast and is starting to cruise around quite expertly. He's stood on his own for a couple seconds here and there, but no walking yet. He does like to push his walker toy around and loves to hold hands and walk across the floor. David is so excited for him to walk. He tells everyone he see's "Ryan can stand with his own feet sometimes!" He doesn't seem bothered at all by all the new hardwood and keeps on keeping on!
He's quite the eater and loves meal time. We cannot eat unless he eats too. Even snacks. He will climb all over you and bang on you until you give him a bite of whatever you have. He's also been taking his bottles a lot better too. Of course, the month before we start to wean them. But, overall he still really prefers his regular food. He's even started shaking his head no at baby food. He wants the real stuff. His favorite things are; grapes, cheese, yogurt, carrots and banana. He also goes crazy when he sees a bag of yogurt melts, he loves them! He has 6 teeth (4 top and 2 bottom) and he's had them for about 3 months now. He hasn't got a new one in a long time! Sometimes I think there's more on the way then nothing happens.

He's starting to babble a ton and say actual words. So far he's got:
Dada (#1 favorite word)
Da-ded (David)
Te-tuh (Tedder)
Me (Missy)
 He's working on a lot more. I'm not sure if he'll talk quite as much as David did though. That kid was speaking in sentences by the time he was 18 months.

 He's going to be a climber. I can already tell. He's tried to scale the back of the couch on numerous occasions and he's gotten up on the entertainment center nook a few times now. He's strong and determined. I am bracing myself.
He still takes two naps a day but I think he's about ready to cut back to one. He spends at least a half hour each naptime sitting in his bed talking and playing with his binkies, blankies and stuffed animals. He LOVES those binkies. I try to only let him have them in bed or in the car, but sometimes he suckers us into letting him have them other times too. He still wakes up around 5am for a bottle almost every night. Sometimes he skips it but not too often.
I guess a bit of news I have is that I'm going back to work! I got a job that starts in a little less than two weeks, so there's that. I'll talk about it more after I actually start. I'm a little superstitious about these sorts of things. But I have LOVED LOVED LOVED being able to be around Ryan these past three and a half months. I always used to say I wish I could take maternity leave after the newborn phase is over because that's the best part so I'm really thankful to have been here for all the fun stuff. I will miss both David and Ryan terribly but I'm ready to get out of the house and adult for awhile.

We have a busy fall coming up. His baptism is in two weeks, we are going to try to get up to Northwest for a game and his first birthday party is right around the corner. I ordered the invitations the other night and I just can't believe it's time!
What a ride! Here's to the last month of babyhood!

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