Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wasn't Meant to Be...

Have you ever had one of those days where it just seems like you were not cosmically meant to do something you wanted? I had one today.

Traditionally Tuesdays are my big long workout days. They have been for a while now. There's not usually anything too terribly good on TV that can't be DVR'd and watched later. It's the second day in the week so my motivation is still pretty high and well, I just like to have big long workouts on Tuesday.

All day at work I was fighting a horrible headache. I don't get headaches very often, and even when I do, they aren't TOO bad, but they are annoying because I'm not at all used to it. Plus work was getting to me and I was just having a really blah day. The weather outside was pretty gloomy too, so that didn't help either. On the way home I decided I'd rather not drive all the way back out to the gym after letting the dogs out, so I thought I'd go for a run. Well the headache didn't really go away and running makes my brain bounce around (that's what it feels like anyway!)so I knew that wasn't a good idea.

I settled on a bike ride. Nice and smooth! I have about a 6-7 mile path that I take and it usually ends up being a fairly decent workout since there are quite a few hills involved. Today when I got on my bike I noticed it felt a little bit shaky, but kept on a going. About 3 minutes into my ride I realize it's the handlebars coming loose. There's a clampy thing that holds them in place and it looked like the screw was coming loose. Eh, I didn't let it stop me, so I kept peddling. Fast forward two minutes, and the handlebar is now completely sliding around. It pretty much felt like I was riding with no hands and trying to balance. Since I'm not 10 years old any more, this was quite the task. So I cursed a little bit, threw a total temper tantrum in my head because all I wanted to do was work out!!!! Then turned around to head home.

Of course the first portion of my ride is a downhill thing. Not a huge downhill, but downhill just enough that turning around and going home meant that I had to go up hill the whole way. Normally I would love this for the ol' quads, but trying to balance with wobbly handlebars wasn't the easiest. Since I'm stubborn, I wasn't about to get off and walk home. No way! I probably looked completely ridiculous, wobbling around like I've never ridden a bike before. I made it almost completely home when all was lost. I had to get off the bike and walk home. Plus it was starting to sprinkle a little bit. The Gods just did not want me to exercise today. I thought about trying to fix it, but I couldn't find the appropriate tool in the man cave, so I will have to wait until Zach can locate said tool and put it back together. *sigh*

So I guess tomorrow I'll have to DVR the best show on earth (So You Think You Can Dance) and go to the gym instead. I'll have to do triple duty to make up for the enchilada casserole, mexi rice, cupcake and chocolate truffles I ate while sitting on my ass, watching House Hunters. Dang you work out Gods, dang you!

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