Thursday, July 16, 2009

You wanna go to the dog park!?!

That's all we have to say to send Missy into a complete tizzy! It's hilarious! We have to be really careful that we don't mention the "dog park" in normal everyday conversation or we will have a very upset and confused little fireball on our hands. Usually we call it "The place where the dogs play". I'm surprised she hasn't caught on.

Monday was Ted's first trip to the dog park and both of their first trips in the new Escape. That thing is huge once you put the back seats down! We will have no problem fitting them both in there once Ted is full grown. It's great! They just need to get their "car legs" established and realize that laying down is probably the best way to go, so that they don't fly all over the place if we so much as turn around a corner or heaven forbid - break.

I'm not going to lie, we were pretty nervous about taking Ted to the dog park for the first time. He's been really shy and timid around other dogs and people in puppy school, but we were hoping that taking big sis along would help him. Luckily we got there a little on the early side and there weren't many dogs there. He could ease into it. He did amazingly well! He and Missy ran around together for a while and it was the cutest thing ever! Ted surprised us and actually sniffed some butts! (trust me, this is huge stuff in dog land) AND he went up to a few random women! He's still not so sure about those guys though.

On his last day of puppy school they brought out the big agility tube for the puppies to try out. Ted was his usual stubborn/nervous self and refused to go through at first, but after a bit of prompting and a few treats, he went through and loved it!! They have two big tubes at the dog park, so I wondered if he'd go through and he did!! Numerous times, with no treats! It was like he couldn't get enough of it. He probably just liked all the praise and head scratches after he got out, but still it was pretty much the cutest thing ever. He better enjoy it now though, soon enough he'll be way too big for those tubes.

They had a great time playing and I can't wait for our next trip! I might try to take them myself this evening, but it could be a challenge trying to get them in and out of the Escape by myself as neither one of them can jump up in it. We'll see! I'm just glad they love the park so much, because I love it too! It's a park full of happy dogs and puppies...that's pretty much the best place on earth as far as I'm concerned!

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