Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lake Dogs

Friday was the big lake trip. We knew it was either going to be a lot of fun, or a total catastrophe. As it turns out, we all ended up having a great time. We left early on Friday to go meet my Dad, brother Vince and his girlfriend Sheena who had been down since Thursday morning. My Mom was going to be driving down that evening after work. After some masterful car arranging we were on our way!

Most of the ride down there the dogs were up and at em. They were pretty excited, that's for sure. Ted likes to try to get in the front seat on every car trip, it's like a big contest for him or something. He tries like the dickens, but will usually settle to just rest his head on your arm over the center console. After about 2/3 of the trip down had gone by, they finally decided to lay down and enjoy the ride.

Missy made herself at home on her blue pillow in the back. I don't think she slept a single wink on the way down. She's always looking straight ahead, a perfect little navigator!

This is Ted all smooshed up against the back of my seat. He finally got tired and fell asleep with his head in the cubby hole of the door. He sleeps in the most bizarre positions. It always cracks us up.
Finally! At the lake! I kind of forgot to take pictures until the second day we were down there. We had a little too much F-U-N on Friday. I forgot that I'm no longer 21 and that laying out in the blazing sun drinking all day and eating everything in my path might not be the best way to go about a vacation. I definitely ended up paying for that one at about 2am... But we had a blast. Everyone got pretty tipsy. I will just go ahead and file all of those conversations in the back of my head for a day that I need a good laugh. Ha! Fun times with the fam!

Missy just LOVES the lake. LOVES it! This is her begging at the gate to go on a walk. There's a lot to smell and see at the lake, so we went on lots of walks! I had a little incident after one of our walks. Turns out those were NOT flecks of dirt on my legs....oh no... They were tons (TONS) of BABY SPIDERS!!! Holy freakout. It was not a fun time for anyone involved in this discovery of mine. I hope Missy enjoyed that walk. That's all I gots to say about that.

Ted was prefectly content to chill out on the deck with us for most of the time. He's a very alert dog. Always checking things out, watching over everyone. Occasionally barking at my dad. Here he is overseeing the removal of the boat from the lake.

Missy went on a morning walk/swim with Grandma on Saturday. Missy loves to swim. She'll just paddle right on out there. Of course, I'm a nervous nellie and won't let her swim without her leash on. No fun, I tell ya! She still enjoyed herself. Ted on the other hand.... Well, not so much. On Friday he decided to come see me out on the dock. As he got to me he tried to turn around to make sure Zach was close behind. You see, Ted doesn't quite know how big he is... As he turned around his two back legs missed the dock and he pretty much back flipped into the water. You think my freakout about the spiders was bad? Oh that was nothing compared to seeing my baby puppy flailing around in the lake! I made Vince jump in to rescue him, since he is a fireman and all, it's his job to save people and animals, right?! Ted put up a bit of a fight but was soon back on dry land. His little heart was racing a mile a minute, but he was alright. Something tells me he won't be the swimming type of dog after that.

Oh look, it's Missy begging for another walk.

Ted was pretty wiped out the second day. Here he is catching some Zzzz's after breakfast.

Since I wasn't feeling so hot in the morning and it looked like it was going to be a steamy/windy day, we decided to head back fairly soon on Saturday. The dogs were absolutely exhausted!! Ted fell asleep before we even turned car on. He slept like this almost the whole way home. I guess he was comfortable??

As usual, Missy tried to fight sleep and help me navigate for a lot of the ride home. She didn't do too good of a job though and eventually passed out with her head propped up on the folded down seat back. Too cute!
And finally, she decided she needed to get some real snoozing in, so she decided to up the cutenss factor and cuddle up with Ted. Everyone all together now... Awwwwww!!
So there it is. We had a great time! Can't wait to go back next year!

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