Saturday, August 15, 2009

Next thing you know, we'll be driving a mini van

Zach and I became true grown-ups today. We signed up for a Costco membership. I have to throw a shower for a co-worker next week and of course, Costco cake was requested (it's the bees knees). At first I was like "pshaw! ya'll can eat HyVee cake!". Then I looked up exactly how much HyVee cake cost compared to Costco cake and the difference was quite amazing. After a quick look through the Costco website, I asked Zach if he thought maybe we could join. It was $50 to join and surely we could use up $50 worth of paper towels and napkins in a years time, or at least be set for the next 9, so we made the trek to Independence this afternoon and pledged our loyalty to Costco land.

That place was a zoo! We took our time and tried to go up and down every aisle, just so we are more prepared for our next excursion. It's pretty alright. Some things are pretty great (two blocks of Velveeta for $7.50?! SOLD!) and some things aren't so great (cat litter for $15?! Wal-Mart wins there). And then some things were just plain stupid (giant, and I mean GIANT can of olives anyone?). We ended up with a case of Fat Tire beer, the worlds largest package of paper towels, economy sized box of Fiber One bars for Zach(which taunt me with their deliciousness, yet I feel like death warmed over if I so much as have a single bite), large package of napkins, big ol' box of Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and of course...two blocks of Velveeta. Hey! It's football season! ROTEL ANYONE?!

I also enjoyed all the free samples! Yum! Now I'm just trying to come up with any excuse I can to buy a huge box of jumbo sized delicious looking cupcakes! Mmmmm... Cupcakes. Oooh and maybe one of those ginormous chocolate cakes! Yes! Oh and next time maybe we'll get a oversized bottle of vodka. Just because we can.

The rest of the day I spent moping around the house. I was in a bummed out mood all day. No reason, just had one of those days where I couldn't snap out of a funk. Poor Zach. He put up with a lot of poo today. Sorry Zach! I tried to cheer myself up wit a short nap, but the pooches quickly crashed that party. Hey look! We really do make our bed! And yeah, I'm totally wearing socks with shorts in August. My feet were cold!

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