Monday, August 3, 2009

Puppy Tails - Ted is 19 Weeks Old!

Ted is 19 weeks old now. He'll be 20 weeks on Thursday. Time sure does fly. He's certainly not having any trouble in the growing department. He's spouting right up. However, like we always figured would happen, we hardly notice. Sure there are days where he stumbles out of his kennel in the morning and I think to myself "hum, looks a little bigger today." But mostly we have to go by other peoples reactions, which are really funny. He's quite the showstopper! I also (clearly) try to take as many pictures as possible. Here are a few!

It took him a while to figure out how to get up on the bed. Sometimes he still mis-fires and only gets his front half up there, which is hilarious, but whenever he actually heave-ho's his whole body on to the bed it's like he's discovered the worlds largest dog bed and he is happy as a clam. We always said we'd have a "no dogs on the bed" rule. Yeah. That didn't last long. We only have ourselves to blame.
That's his "woobie" by the way. It's a little cloth toy that we took up to him when he was 4 weeks old and still too young to come home. We though it would be nice for him to get it all mucked up with his fellow puppy smells and the scent of his mom and dad, then bring it with him when he came home for something familiar. He loves that thing. He only gets it in the kennel because Missy would destroy it in a second. Every time he comes out of his kennel, he grabs it quick and prances around with it like it's the best toy in the world. All I have to say is "do you gots your wooooobieeee" and he prances like he's never pranced before. I should try to get it on video. It's one of my favorite parts of the day.

Look at that face. I mean, seriously! It kills me!

I got this one after getting ready on Sunday. He totally made himself at home and snuggled right up with one of Zach's t-shirts. Really, it was pretty dang cute.
This oneshows just how much bigger he is than Missy now. She can walk under him and barely skim his belly.
This is his "stop taking pictures and give me an ice cube from that there freezer" look.
Since Ted still stays in his (super large) kennel (that's in my DINING ROOM) *grumble grumble* Missy gets bed time all to herself. All I have to do is say "Missy, I'm going to bed." and she grabs her toy of the day and runs up onto the bed. Sometime she really likes to push the envelope... like this night. S-P-O-I-L-E-D. She's still my baby though. I love Ted to bits, but Missy is "My" dog. She's the best sunggle bug while Zach is working late. I love her.
Look! Its the ever elusive George! Poor George. He doesn't get near the attention that he deserves, but I think he's quite content to sleep on the kitchen chairs all day until it's time to move to under the bed. This is his "don't eff with me lady" look.
This coming weekend we are taking both dogs to the lake. It will either be crazy fun, or a total disaster. Stay tuned for that one...

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