Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Holiday Ho-Hum's.

I'm not sure what my deal is, but I'm totally not feeling this Christmas. Not at all.

I've tried, really I have!! I've baked cookies, I've decorated the house, I've gone to holiday parties, I've listened to the music (is it just me or are the KC Christmas stations playing REALLY boring Christmas tunes this year..?), I've even driven myself around to look at Christmas lights. It's not working.

I mostly blame my job. It's Christmas 24/7 at that joint and whoa baby, we kicked it in to high gear for 2010 (yes, 2010) and are in the middle of a bunch of crazy. Maybe that's it?

Either way, Christmas Eve is tomorrow and it's traditionally tied for "Favorite Day of the Year" in my book (duh, Halloween!), so I'm going to try my best to enjoy it. I'm going to start my day off with an intense cardio session followed by my annual McDoanlds double cheeseburger and french fry lunch (with a Diet Coke, naturally). What? Everyone has different traditions people! Zach has to work that night, so he's going to miss out on the Conwell Family Christmas. We are even having Jack Stack (and hopefully Scotcha too!)! Boo. It will be a bummer without him there, but hopefully he'll be home in time for late mass. We'll see.

Then Christmas Day I think Zach and I will exchange gifts first thing in the morning and spoil the dogs rotten. After that is our big breakfast at my parents and opening of presents. That afternoon we head to the Anello Family Christmas where we are not having manicotti this year(sad), but instead having ham (meh.). I'll probably just pick at my plate and save room for the 10,795 desserts people always bring. (What diet??) Then it's home to spoil the dogs some more.

That is, if we don't get the "Snow Of The Century" that they are currently blowing out of proportion on the news.

Merry Christmas All. Maybe the spirit will hit me tomorrow.

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