Monday, December 14, 2009

Viva Thanksgiving!

Yes, I know this post is terribly late.

For Thanksgiving this year Zach and I went to visit his dad and step-mom in Las Vegas! Well, not really Las Vegas, the suburbs of Las Vegas. Mesquite to be specific.

I've been to Las Vegas a few times now. Mostly for fun, spring break, girls trip, first vacation with Zach... And yet, every time I go my dad would ask me if I was going to go see the Hoover Dam. Nevermind all the shows and casinos and partying I was going to do, I NEEDED to see that damn dam! So finally, when Zach and I decided to go visit his dad for Thanksgiving I told him we were finally going to see that dam!

So we got off the plane and in the car and drove straight there! No time to waste people! I had a dam to see!

Oookie-dokie. That about does it! No really, it's a dam. I guess I just don't get it. Oh and did I mention I'm deathly afraid of heights? Kind of a problem when standing on the ledge WAY UP THERE looking down on a big concrete death trap! Oh and see that one picture of the BRIDGE they EXPECT PEOPLE TO DRIVE ON someday? Yeah, ok. Good luck with that, bridge people. Needless to say I passed on the dam tour. Maybe some other time.

The rest of the week we spent at his dad's place. Zach and the family mostly just sat around and relaxed. I got a major case of ants in the pants so I decided since I was fresh off the fitness challenge, the weather was gorgeous and I brought the appropriate gear, that I'd go for a run and see the sights in Mesquite. It was great! Soooo pretty!

Zach also got to visit with his sisterdog, Ripley! She is a major sweetheart. Even though she hadn't seen Zach in something like three years, she totally remembered him and immediately wanted to play some fetch in the back yard! She made me miss my crazy furballs the whole time.

Friday after Thanksgiving we went down to the Strip for dinner and a show. Zach's dad generously got us tickets to see The Beatles Love show! It. Was. Fantastic!

That night we stayed at Bally's. I'd never stayed there before, Zach had never stayed there before, but we thought the price was right for one night. Apparently we won the lucky hotel lottery that we always seem to win and got a hugnormous suite for the night! I won't bore you with all the room pictures, but trust me, it was awesome! Check out the view!
It even had a workout room! A work. out. ROOM. Duh, of course I was going to try it out!! The bike? Totally broken. Apparently nobody really works out on vacation....

Too bad our show got out close to midnight and we had to leave for the airport at 8am the next day. I could have stayed in that room forever!!

So that's it. Thanksgiving. Pretty typical, just out of town!

Now it's Christmas and I'm TOTALLY Christmassed out. All I work on ALL DAY LONG every day is Christmas. So when the actual season rolls around, it's a bit much for me to handle. Total Christmas overload. I'll still try to post something about it anyway.

For now, that's it. I'm on Zach's computer and it's totally wacking out and moving the cursor around without my telling it to, so pardon the typos!

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Erin said...

"Did you see the Hoover Dam?" is such "dad" question. I love it! Glad you saw fun stuff, too.

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