Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Race Season!

Spring is here and it's time to get running! 

I have my first race this weekend. The "Rock The Parkway" inaugural race down KC's famous Ward Parkway. It's my first "out and back" race, which means you run straight out (in this case, straight down Ward Parkway), reach the midpoint and turn around and come right back.  Sounds a little boring to me, but at least I'll know where I am, so perhaps the trip back won't feel like it takes too long. We shall see.  Unlike my first 10K last year, I actually feel really ready for this race.  I've gotten in a few long runs here lately and I'm feeling strong, so hopefully I get a good time. (and hopefully the weather is nice...)

Here are all the races I have planned so far!  I'm gonna be busy!

March 27 - Rock the Parkway 10K
April 17 - CAPA 5K - another first annual race coordinated by a friend of mine
April 25 - Trolley Run! 4 Miles. This will be my 3rd year and I hope to actually beat my time instead of tie it like I did last year.
June 5 - Hospital Hill Run. Another 3rd year race for me.  I did the 5K in '08 and the 10K last year. A tiny part of me wants to try for the Half, but a larger part of me thinks that's just silly. We'll see how many wild hairs I get when I decide to register...
October 16 - KC Marathon - I'm torn on this one.  Unless I really decide I want to do a half, I might sit this one out. I felt like a total lame-o when I did the 5K back in '08. Not many people do it and I feel like a liar every time I wear my tshirt from that day.  I wish they still had the 10K!!

Looks like I have some space to fill up in July through September. I need to start hunting for some more races. Lord knows they exist. I think I could run a race every weekend if I really wanted to, but that gets really expensive, really quick. So, we'll see.  I still have a nagging desire to try a Triathlon, but since I changed gyms last year, I no longer have a pool, so training would be tough. Plus the bike I bought is more of a recreational bike than a racing bike.  I mostly think I'm just a big chicken.

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