Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just hanging out!

Not a whole lot going on in the world-o-Stephanie right now, hence the lack of blogging.  Such is life. 

I've been cooking and baking more regularly! I take pictures to blog with, but they all turn out terrible.  I'm hoping to get a new camera and figure out how to take pictures when there's no natural light. (suggestions welcome). It probably won't be before holiday baking time starts though (around the corner folks!), which stinks because I have lots of new recipes I want to try this year. 

Still working out.  Trying for 6 days a week, but it usually ends up at 5. I need to be better at not skipping that 6th day. I want to give up Diet Coke, but every day I try ends up being a "bad" one and I give in. I guess there are worse things in life than drinking one coke a day, but still, I need to quit. Sugar and carbs are still my biggest downfalls, but sugar is slowly becoming less and less appealing, which is just bizarre to me. Otherwise, I think I still eat fairly healthy. Still totally on that big soup kick too.

I'm looking down the barrel of the last 6 months of my 20's and am not dealing with it very well. I guess I just need to focus on making it a good six months right?

So yep, that's about it!

Here are some new pictures of the pups!

...and I totally just outted myself for watching The Vanilla Ice Project.
(but it's so good!)

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