Friday, November 26, 2010

Ho-Ho-Holiday Wishlist!

Happy Black Friday everyone!  I was up at the crack of dawn this morning to meet my brother's girlfriend/fiance, Jessi and Sheena for some shopping fun! We met at 5:30 am and I didn't get home until 3:30pm, took a quick nap, ate dinner then headed back out to finish up!  We had a great time and hit a lot of the big stores. No pushing and shoving for us as we weren't there for the door busters, but were just looking for some good deals. I think we all succeeded! I still have a couple more things to get, but I'm thisclose to being done! I'm so much further ahead than last year! I can't wait to be finished. Christmas shopping stresses me out bad! 

Christmas list time!  Here's what's on my wish list this year!

Oh how I love these boots!  I've been thinking about buying them for myself for months now, but every time I go to do it, I stop myself. I have a slight boot addiction.  I love these so, but do I already have some that are *kind of* similar? Yes. But they aren't the same!  I also can't decide between black and cognac. Such decisions. 

Zach and I have been talking about upgrading our camera for years now. We both love taking pictures, but we are getting frustrated with my old point and shoot. Zach's actually taking photography classes for school, so he would know how to use it and can teach me the basics.  I think this might be the year we actually go for it! Then we'll just need to get (and learn how to use) some photo editing software and we'll be good to go! 


I just think these are neat!  


I only learned of Tracy Anderson this year and have since been obsessed with her workout style.  It so fits what I'm looking for.  Her programs are targeted to get you a "dancers body", thin but strong, long and lean. She has a whole series of videos, but I think I'll try this one first. I already do a bunch of stuff she's put out on You Tube


Now, we all know how much Ted loves his Wubba.  I recently saw this at Petco and thought it would be perfect for Ted.  He would tote that thing all around outside, just like his Jolly Ball. It's so huge!  Missy would be totally content with a new chew bone or a squeaky-squeaky. George wants treats, any kind will do.

Let the Shopping begin! I hope you get everything you want!

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