Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ted Turns Two

Our big guy is two today! He's all growed up and has turned into a very awesome dog.  He's, loving, he's funny, he's obedient, he's so, so cuddly and he's so smart it's scary.  He's also a wonderful poser for my camera!  I swear this dog has never once laid in the yard to chew a stick, but the second I get out the camera he goes to town.  Such a character!

His first two years have not been without their challenges, but he has really turned into quite the amazing dude.  We both love him to pieces and it never amazes us how 'human like' he is. We talk to him like another person and he just seems to understand.  Before we got a Dane, people told us that they are different than any other dog and I didn't believe them. I mean, he's a DOG.  But, it's true.  They are just different souls.  He's our concerned, caring, loyal, protective, comedian, spoiled rotten, big baby.  Happy Birthday, Teddery Dude!

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